Why There are Now So Many Shortages (It's Not COVID)

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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  1. KP

    KP14 daqiqa oldin

    New world order means more slavery, you will own nothing and be happy.

  2. Paweł Ługowski

    Paweł Ługowski49 daqiqa oldin

    Nothing will change much, this problem will reemarge next unexpected crisis happens

  3. Omer Yehezkely

    Omer YehezkelySoat oldin

    Having an inventory is very similar to fencing against forex changes. In an economy with zero interest rate there is no much sense not to have an inventory.

  4. russell pearce

    russell pearceSoat oldin

    covid was the excuse for other failures

  5. ionut nebel

    ionut nebel2 soat oldin

    All about energy is poor management, this rise costs and people are not disposed to pay the bill. Moving to a dc grid saves 15% of total consumption with lo cost, because an important loos happens behind the meter it is associated with use of dc native electronics on AC grid, and it is not taken in account on public debates, electric motors run on inverters no native AC is needed to run them. Safe dc outlet is already in use for charging electric cars it can scaled for every appliance. Right choose of electronics we use is also important, a laptop is far more energy efficient despite it`s price may be double, laptop itself plus energy bill for it`s entire life is less than a similar desktop plus energy bill for the same time. Remind that is an additive problem that result in energy scarcity and rise energy bill. About cars even ev`s, taking care of them extend their life and reduce energy consumption to replace them, products life span is also a matter of usage stile, not only a design and manufacture issue. Simpler designs are the best option, they cut production costs and reduce failure rate as well with no quality expenses, complicated designs are difficult to use and misuse damages are common.

  6. 007 Bond

    007 Bond2 soat oldin

    American greed and scheme's continue Skyrocketing inflation Price's an skyrocketed profits An same old decades and decades and decades old slavery wages. They are manipulating the markets and holding back stock piles for skyrocketed profits.

  7. ImYour Huckleberry

    ImYour Huckleberry3 soat oldin

    Let me sum up this video in one short sentence: The Democratic Party destroyed the US economy with unnecessary lock down measures and propaganda in an election year. Period.

  8. Michael Harlan

    Michael Harlan4 soat oldin

    So you talked about how it's not covid that caused these issues, then go on to explicitly state how covid impacted and caused all of these shortages.

  9. ircimager

    ircimager4 soat oldin

    i'd always thought that the empty containers were shipped back to origin within the week they were emptied

  10. Jim Shock

    Jim Shock4 soat oldin

    I had to shut it off due to my head ringing from trying to hear it above the damn piano noise.

  11. oatechaosincycles

    oatechaosincycles4 soat oldin

    All you round eye keep braming us.

  12. Peter Burgess

    Peter Burgess5 soat oldin

    Make do with what you have, and there are no shortages !

  13. Dilshod Sayfiddinov

    Dilshod Sayfiddinov5 soat oldin

    Wendover videos are amazing just like Wendover in Nevada.

  14. Walter Reeves

    Walter Reeves5 soat oldin

    Hyperinflation !

  15. Long John

    Long John6 soat oldin

    This isn't the first time JIT broke down in America because of improper implementation, just the worst so far ..... When I was in college for electrical engineering in the early 90's JIT was the buzzword you heard everywhere you turned and they were completely rewriting business and engineering texts all stumbling over themselves to implement or teach it first because that's what American business leaders were demanding ..... Even then you could see the flaws because all it took was a shortage in a single sector to shut down your entire production line. What made it so bad this time compared to other times it failed was you had multiple sectors all have shortages at once and those shortages were long term not just a month or two

  16. Seb Reb

    Seb Reb6 soat oldin

    another point is that usa resource consumption is way to high compared to other countries.

  17. pınk

    pınk6 soat oldin

    These so called shortages are just another way for them to hike up the price on stuff.

  18. Harold Gilbert

    Harold Gilbert7 soat oldin

    It’s call JIT it allows for no flow problems

  19. Aggie Schoonover

    Aggie Schoonover7 soat oldin

    Where was McConnell's wife, the then Secretary of Transportation during 2020 while ports weren't working as need be?

  20. Christel Headington

    Christel Headington7 soat oldin

    So, what's up with ginger ale ? Every other flavor stocked to the ceilings, but (reasonably priced ) ginger ale....

  21. Chris Hull

    Chris Hull7 soat oldin

    Why is this video narrated by a guy that just asks one question after another through out the whole video???????????

  22. hans solo

    hans solo7 soat oldin

    Who cares about some stupid poop poop 💩 drink!

  23. howdareyousaymyname

    howdareyousaymyname7 soat oldin

    ed snowden doing narration now a days?

  24. DJM M

    DJM M8 soat oldin

    Solid info but containers for $3500 lol more like $8-$10k at least for doors & millwork

  25. Marius Calin

    Marius Calin8 soat oldin

    What about the fkin BOT SCALPERS????? buying in a microsecond entire stocks of products?

  26. Tom Fortin

    Tom Fortin8 soat oldin

    So the shortages weren't caused by COVID, but they really were. Got it. Who would have ever thought that shutting down nearly every economy in the world would have global repercussions.

  27. Bradley Thomas Colley

    Bradley Thomas Colley8 soat oldin

    As a system, such as supply and demand economics, becomes increasingly complex the likelihood of a compromised condition leading to failure also increases. Eventually, all attempts to maximize profitability through measures to enhance efficiency will only further complicate an already chaotic system to the point of complete collapse. Then a new system must arise from the ashes of the old. Rather like cells that compose the human body undergoing apoptosis, i.e. the inevitable death of the old allows life for the new. Human history is solidly replete with this cycle, and what a tortuous spiral it is. Where are we headed? Time reveals truth.

  28. DrKnowsMore

    DrKnowsMore8 soat oldin

    Yeah, no. Government stupidity is what caused this. Foolish lockdowns that had no impact on disease spread, but crippled the workforce, combined with stimulus that gave people a sense they could spend rather than be frugal. Bad policy is at the heart of this.

  29. Maria Hendrickson

    Maria Hendrickson9 soat oldin

    Thanks for this valuable info. Blessings!

  30. 근영순항

    근영순항9 soat oldin

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  31. Griffiths Matthews

    Griffiths Matthews9 soat oldin

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  32. Jacquelyn Adalynn

    Jacquelyn Adalynn9 soat oldin

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  33. Divergent Droid

    Divergent Droid10 soat oldin

    Screw Toyota. I bought from a Chinese company in the USA.

  34. Divergent Droid

    Divergent Droid10 soat oldin

    This is the Planned economic takeover in the 3rd quarter many government officials were talking about. It's all done On Purpose to force small business to close so the monopolies can grow larger, in cahoots with our US Gov all the way so it's a True facist state

  35. Richard E Blanton II

    Richard E Blanton II10 soat oldin

    So what you are really saying is that the democrats through their usual stupidity used covid to break the camels back.

  36. MegaOzzy28

    MegaOzzy2811 soat oldin

    Corrupt government wanting to control people caused the shortages!!!

  37. ImYour Huckleberry

    ImYour Huckleberry3 soat oldin

    This ^^^^ Don't let any of these lengthy propaganda videos convince you otherwise. The unnecessary lock downs and fear campaigns during an election year WERE THE CATALYST.

  38. Cheri Bower

    Cheri Bower11 soat oldin

    Ya we know what you did! We know you have all the resources wrap up!! Just to remind you Our Lord Christ know's too!!

  39. When Trees Will Rule The World Again

    When Trees Will Rule The World Again12 soat oldin

    At 9:10: "altogether the reasons are complex..." - isn't that why I clicked on this video? So that you could enumerate the reasons.

  40. Sina

    Sina12 soat oldin

    You're videos are sooooo good. It's a shame you only have about 3mil subscribers and not 3bil.

  41. Robert Keller

    Robert Keller12 soat oldin

    Easily the most annoying narrator I have heard in ages. I can't listen to that no matter how relevant.

  42. Jason Lambert

    Jason Lambert12 soat oldin

    Certainly more manufacturing in other countries other than Asian countries would be a plus

  43. Dan DaMan

    Dan DaMan12 soat oldin


  44. LarsBlitzer

    LarsBlitzer12 soat oldin

    Speaking of construction material and shortages, one of the main plastic extruding plants in the US that makes ABS pipe and fittings for the North American market was hit badly by the snow storm in Texas. Rather, it wasn't damaged by it, but having to go offline during the power outage and fixing the effects afterwards definitely did a number on it. I'm in Canada, and we have to call around and ask every plumbing wholesale company in the area to get the pipe we need for our work.

  45. Ryan DeGregorio

    Ryan DeGregorio13 soat oldin

    You seeeeeeeeeee

  46. Onthedownlow

    Onthedownlow13 soat oldin

    It sounds like there is a lot more demand than there is supply. Covid 19 was trying to solve this but natural selection wasn't allowed to run its course. World leaders had it all figured out... So they thought.

  47. Doug DeKuiper

    Doug DeKuiper14 soat oldin

    Alaska need Toyota’s for rental cars.

  48. Joseph Kubiak

    Joseph Kubiak14 soat oldin

    Guy. A statement is not a question.

  49. Joel Lemus

    Joel Lemus14 soat oldin

    This is a lie I'm a good worker that's willing to do any job and still have no job

  50. Christian Bumba

    Christian Bumba14 soat oldin

    It has nothing to do with the made up covid crisis, but with the measures of the government’s.

  51. Done Goodley

    Done Goodley15 soat oldin

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  52. howie1945

    howie194515 soat oldin


  53. Martin Schulz

    Martin Schulz15 soat oldin

    Good video, but I will say that other countries around the world have had similar supply/shortage problems. We have become such hungry demanding Impatient consumers that we can't rationalize it when the products just aren't there for us. Shortages in products really isn't that big of a deal but, food shortages are a very serious big deal. Throughout the pandemic the shelves were still full...so we did pretty good. I was in communist countries back in the day, and empty shelves and shortages were normal, even in good times.

  54. Peter Piper

    Peter Piper16 soat oldin

    It's a lie that an iceberg sank the Titanic. It was purposely sunk because of WHO was onboard.

  55. Robert

    Robert16 soat oldin

    Fundamental change to America 2.0 Made in America has been exchanged for topping landfills with made in China single use goods and plastics.

  56. Joey Sil

    Joey Sil17 soat oldin

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  57. Politicriminalwatch of Adam Coleman

    Politicriminalwatch of Adam Coleman17 soat oldin

    Very interesting take on inflation

  58. Erica Fulcrum

    Erica Fulcrum18 soat oldin

    Total BS. God gives us an abundance of everything, as long as we work to get it. Everything has increased in price, due to man’s greed, never satisfied and never having enough. COVID was one big fat Fra-.

  59. Jack McLane

    Jack McLane18 soat oldin

    I find it disgusting how dependent everything is from China. From everyday needs to tapioca bubbles! Start making your own stuff again! Masks are produced in china in 100% automated processes. This is not cheaper in China than it would be Switzerland! Why is most of the worlds Ibuprofen made in China???

  60. TeeKay

    TeeKay18 soat oldin

    Interesting video, but the cadence and sing-song of the narrator is too distracting.

  61. Ivie Walker

    Ivie Walker18 soat oldin

    No big business saw an opportunity/artificially raise prices and rip off the American people just like in the 70's. It's all BS.

  62. James Martinek

    James Martinek18 soat oldin

    I got a used cheap rental car and my daily car lol, purchased on 2021 lol. That explains why it was cheap those companies needed money then lol

  63. Proud Republican

    Proud Republican18 soat oldin

    I don’t think covid was the primary cause of the shortages…it was the secondary cause. The primary cause was stupid & dishonest politics.

  64. Avey Harder

    Avey Harder19 soat oldin

    There also was a crop failure in S. America of tapioca. They had a drought.

  65. Luis Serrano

    Luis Serrano19 soat oldin

    The economic bite definitely receive because chocolate happily expect an a funny creator. faithful, bright pint

  66. Ken Jurish

    Ken Jurish19 soat oldin

    Biden. Democrats. The evil behind the strings. That’s it.

  67. FreemonSandlewould

    FreemonSandlewould19 soat oldin

    Ok so it's just a coincidence that so many of the things we are short of are things the globalists hate: Petroleum / beef / ammunition / meat in general etc. Naaah. As FDR said there are no coincidences in politics.

  68. MusicGuy20

    MusicGuy2019 soat oldin

    I only noticed shortages in toilet paper, cleaning products and hand wipes. Oh yes and also any fridge or freezers.

  69. anthony morales

    anthony morales20 soat oldin

    Side note. How these containers are tracked stacked and shipped is a science unto itself!

  70. Miles Tinsley

    Miles Tinsley21 soat oldin

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  71. chocoboasylum

    chocoboasylum21 soat oldin

    13:16 my favorite month, Janurary

  72. Oliver Smith

    Oliver Smith21 soat oldin

    Dman his voice is too annoying to sit through

  73. GrayRabbit

    GrayRabbit22 soat oldin

    The Anchorage rental car availability / prices aren't a good example here. Unavailability of cars and high prices (yes, $500/day) has been a problem for many years well before COVID. The problem is that it's quite a distance to move cars from the Lower 48 to Alaska coupled with their short tourist season. So, rental car agencies don't maintain Florida-like levels of rental cars. Rental cars in Alaska generally are older / rougher than what you'd find in the Lower 48 as well. Albeit, Florida definitely has a shortage of rental cars and anything tourist-related for that matter. Florida hotels I can normally pick up for $75/night are running $250-$400/night lately due to all of the people from the closed/restrictive states flocking to Florida.

  74. Ricky Ardo

    Ricky Ardo22 soat oldin

    No Evermore...?

  75. biddi b

    biddi b22 soat oldin

    So Covid caused this alone? How about the 30 trillion dollars in debt that the US owes? How come inflation has been on the rise every year but minimum wage has remained the same for almost 2 decades? 😑

  76. jimmy joe

    jimmy joe23 soat oldin

    Really? Covid did not cause it. The Democrats released and altered the innocent virus. Btw, covid has never killed a human. Ever.

  77. Zerk Saliba

    Zerk Saliba23 soat oldin

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  78. Five Books

    Five BooksKun oldin

    Shortages are because we can't get people to work so we can make our products. First it was because of lockdowns. Now it's because government is passing out free money to everyone. There should've never been any shutdowns. If they stop the welfare people will be forced to work for a living and products will be plentiful again.

  79. InternetSurferXXX

    InternetSurferXXXKun oldin

    The cause is covid and more people not working. More people that do nothing with either bullshit jobs or they are rich and wealthy, like landlords. That means fewer people doing the work for the rest, pulling the weight of the useless. All the bean counters, useless paper pushers, the lazy, politicians etc

  80. Tonisha Garland

    Tonisha GarlandKun oldin

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  81. Kitty Bitts

    Kitty BittsKun oldin

    just wait until the fed destroys the value of the dollar. getting boba tea will be the least of our problems.

  82. Charles Wood

    Charles WoodKun oldin

    Just tell me how to see it before it happens? Im trying to realize gains.

  83. Disabled Chat Zen

    Disabled Chat Zen32 daqiqa oldin

    AMC/GME and hold until the wheels fall off. You're welcome, fellow future billionaire. This is not financial advice, do your own DD. Pretend you can sell them for any price you want.

  84. JohnnyJim J

    JohnnyJim JKun oldin

    Covid-19 did NOT cause the present economic crisis and shortages, the fearmongering and so-called 'sanitary measures' did. When the Elites lose grip on a narrative, they manufacture a crisis to put the masses back in line. Works every time. Thanks for the snazzy propaganda video, it was quite amusing.

  85. Rick Wensel

    Rick WenselKun oldin

    this the rich answer to price gouging laws. Blame it on covid. while we shut down expensive labor and hoard supply. then say supply and demand.

  86. Melissa Missy

    Melissa MissyKun oldin

    Make your on damn Boba balls. It's faster and cheaper than shipping. I don't know what the hell Boba is, but I am sure the ingredients are not hard to come by.

  87. mimi long

    mimi longKun oldin

    Wow! All that global supply chain and JIT just to get to the sales pitch for Hover. 🤔

  88. Daniel Robinson

    Daniel RobinsonKun oldin

    Why he talk like that

  89. Dennis E

    Dennis EKun oldin

    Well, all of this AND, we have a moron in the white house..

  90. Hector Servin

    Hector ServinKun oldin

    Alittle fact most of the PPE was moved by air to LAX

  91. Joseph Miranda

    Joseph MirandaKun oldin

    With nobody working who's going to pay for it , with no job ..no money

  92. Silent Murmur

    Silent MurmurKun oldin

    It's a good argument for finding alternatives to reliance on silicon to accomplish anything, or at least not squandering ours on vaccines while Hong Kong uses all their to make chips. I wonder why Apple doesn't manufacture chips for cars and everything else if the country really wants to rely on them to get anything done.

  93. Cup Walker

    Cup WalkerKun oldin

    Covid covid covid let's move from the political games at humans expense already