Why Helicopter Airlines Failed

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  1. Wendover Productions

    Wendover ProductionsYil oldin

    There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and so posting a video about something so inconsequential is a bit awkward, however I decided to go ahead and release this today and postponing it from yesterday because I think distractions can play a positive role for some during times like this. I’ve made a $500 to each of three organizations that I believe to be doing great work to work towards ensuring every American has the liberties and rights they deserve. If you want to help and have the means to donate, I’d encourage you to look into these organizations: The American Civil Liberties Union: www.aclu.org The National Police Accountability Project: www.nlg-npap.org The NAACP Legal Defense Fund: www.naacpldf.org

  2. MKNJ GT

    MKNJ GT5 oy oldin

    Wow man really? I'm out.

  3. Ony Quiñones

    Ony Quiñones6 oy oldin

    Too political BS. UNsubscribed.

  4. Mainmanrr

    Mainmanrr8 oy oldin

    To say tiltrotor aircraft will be a thing is just wrong. The future belongs to compound helicopters.

  5. FusionGaming

    FusionGaming9 oy oldin

    Wow wait three months and you suddenly don’t care anymore? You only support stuff when you get likes?

  6. Chris aka Schulbus

    Chris aka Schulbus11 oy oldin

    i love this comment chain down here... but for real, do people actually think that videos that don't mention the current buzzword are bad? i'm happy when i see videos where i can escape this subject for a little bit. for me it's actually anticlickbait when it is mentioned in the title or in the thumbnail. but thank you for sharing the fact that you donated, it's very important to let everyone know... did you just mention it because you weren't talking about the current situation in the video and wouldn't seem like you're ignorant or something?

  7. Swifts ‘

    Swifts ‘9 kun oldin

    Did you say Melbourne?

  8. Chicken_Sh1t_420

    Chicken_Sh1t_42010 kun oldin

    4:49 Okay can someone explain how Washington is on the east coast, I thought it was by the top left hand side of America

  9. Felix Tsang

    Felix Tsang13 kun oldin

    There might be a comeback with VTOL airlines in the future

  10. Marie Tailor

    Marie Tailor16 kun oldin

    Vancouver has a few pretty successful helicopter and seaplane airlines because the provincial capital can’t be reached as a day trip any other way so all business things (even for small businesses) are done that way. There are also quite a few places only accessible via ferry otherwise. That, and Whistler. Rich people live Whistler and it’s faster/easier to get there by helicopter/seaplane.

  11. itsPreston

    itsPreston21 kun oldin

    Me: HAI or Wendover? Sam: let’s do both

  12. ELane Rissler

    ELane RisslerOy oldin

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  13. 88waco

    88wacoOy oldin

    Did you forget about the market of helicopter transport to oil rigs

  14. Michael Marx

    Michael MarxOy oldin

    Why just don’t Build new subways? Much cheaper, better for the environment and you won’t get air traffic jam

  15. Eugene Poubelle

    Eugene PoubelleOy oldin

    Paris have TWO main airports, not juste Orly, it's Charles De Gaulle and Orly

  16. Wiley Sneak

    Wiley Sneak2 oy oldin

    subtitles yes thank you

  17. 999九九九999

    999九九九9992 oy oldin

    Hong Kong and Macau helicopter line: (I know the their is a hydrofoil boat to get between them but that is not the point)

  18. Eve Adams

    Eve Adams2 oy oldin

    My maternal grandfather, Clarence Belinn, started Los Angeles Airways. It had quite a checkered history (several rotor failure tragedies were involved.) Great video as usual.

  19. TrenchSniper21

    TrenchSniper213 oy oldin

    I’m surprised there was no mention of helicopter charter companies that hop islands in Hawaii, Air Methods Corporation in particular.

  20. Gerard Ligonde

    Gerard Ligonde3 oy oldin

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  21. Ishan Pednekar

    Ishan Pednekar3 oy oldin

    Basically economies of scale...

  22. zekymurra

    zekymurra3 oy oldin

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  23. shy cucumber

    shy cucumber4 oy oldin

    am i the only one who thought this was a half as interesting video

  24. Nick P

    Nick P4 oy oldin

    I can't get fresh milk anymore because someone stole Macau! Lmao 🤣😂 Sorry, I couldn't help myself....

  25. Chainsaw Aardvark

    Chainsaw Aardvark4 oy oldin

    This reminds me a bit of the downfall of large flying boats and amphibious airplanes. For a while the cost of setting up a new airport was expensive - so being able to use any lake or sea as your runway largely cut down on initial investment (though the added maintenance of such aircraft would add up later.) However in the post-WWII era of more ex-military fields and governments expanding infrastructure the lack of runways was solved. Helicopters and seaplanes still need a home base for maintenance - but the idea of being able to avoid the usual scheduling and fees of working with normal transit hubs may have some margin for success.

  26. Robert Andrews

    Robert Andrews5 oy oldin

    Osprey Nation!

  27. Tom Mendenhall

    Tom Mendenhall5 oy oldin

    I remember flying on a giant Sikorsky S-61 from San Francisco International to Oakland International. It only lasted a few minutes but it was fun.

  28. Mark K

    Mark K5 oy oldin

    Vtols like the one you see in the video will take 20 more years before they start to use them for commercial maybe. uber and others current plan is to build EV self flying small 4 people Vtols to use for city only where they would get assigned air space. most likely to see something start flying by 2030, depends on governments and how testing goes

  29. Nathan Ongena

    Nathan Ongena5 oy oldin

    Why is the voice made by the HAI guy ?

  30. Damir Maatar

    Damir Maatar5 oy oldin

    Le Bourget is always active as a private airport

  31. pr0xZen

    pr0xZen5 oy oldin

    Yeah I'm good, got my Harriet sitting in my opening-roof garage. I live in the Arctic though, so had to get an electric engine heater installed. A big thank you to Defa.

  32. Nelson Brown

    Nelson Brown5 oy oldin

    I'd be surprised to see an Osprey-type plane be any more successful than a helicopter for this kind of short-haul service. They're even more complicated (read: more expensive and more dangerous), and their straight-line speed isn't going to be a huge factor in this kind of short jaunt; the whole point is that they're removing the long travel time to/from the airport, not going 400mph. If helicopter services can't cut it, I doubt that tilt-rotors are going to solve those problems.

  33. Jane Ya Know

    Jane Ya Know5 oy oldin

    They needed a Catalina wine mixer

  34. Yevgeniy Gorbachev

    Yevgeniy Gorbachev5 oy oldin

    >the future is tilt-rotor aircraft *shows Osprey* Not with that safety record

  35. CJ

    CJ5 oy oldin

    I legit thought this was HAI while watching, this guy sure sounds like sam.

  36. 00UncommonSense00

    00UncommonSense005 oy oldin

    I used to work for a company who's owner was a racing fanatic. For the Indy 500, he would charter helicopters to take us and our customers from the Embassy Suites on the northern edge of Indy and take us directly to the infield. I felt like a rock star. We would land, a guy in a suit would open the door and I would step out, hundreds of people packed along the fence to see if anyone important would step out. Plus, just to watch a helo land. Have some shrimp cocktail at our suite, watch a few laps of the race, have a martini then board "my" helo to take me out. Ah...those were the day. All gone now.

  37. JD Diggy

    JD Diggy5 oy oldin

    I have never thought about a helicopter for transportation it's always been a luxury ride experience for touring.

  38. AaronShenghao

    AaronShenghao5 oy oldin

    Maybe the solution is called CRH, or Shinkansen, or ICE. Or even Transrapid or Liner Motor.

  39. Morita Hadad

    Morita Hadad5 oy oldin

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    Rachel Roberts6 oy oldin

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  41. Ireallylikeeggs

    Ireallylikeeggs5 oy oldin

    Deffo same

  42. pierrecurie

    pierrecurie6 oy oldin

    Isn't the main issue with tilt rotor craft their shit safety record? I guess that's why they're still in R&D.

  43. Rachel Roberts

    Rachel Roberts6 oy oldin

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  44. My name Isnt important

    My name Isnt important6 oy oldin

    I'm in my garage right now literally building an ultralight helicopter, I'm working on its engine mounts and rotor axles. The future of helicopters is small 14 ft long personal helicopters but I feel that's a still a long time away especially with the learning curve of flying it which is a problem for myself, I have no idea how I'm going to test it without knowing how to fly but that bridge will be crossed when I get to it

  45. Alexander Armitage

    Alexander Armitage6 oy oldin


  46. Bryce Bernes

    Bryce Bernes6 oy oldin

    Bristow does just fine

  47. Joel

    Joel6 oy oldin

    What would be a cool business idea is for people trying to get to the Hamptons or Nantucket but werent worried about time constraints. I would offer them a ferry on an authentic sailboat. I would offer them snacks and Champaign while me and my salty crew get them to the Hamptons in a blistering 5 hours, or to Nantucket in a sweltering 14 hours.

  48. Joel

    Joel6 oy oldin

    I would love to commute in a Helicopter. Anything to avoid State Route-99

  49. 1Heliguy

    1Heliguy6 oy oldin

    Great simple explanation. It is highly useful to me, and I will link to it in my business plan.

  50. Ben Nickelson

    Ben Nickelson6 oy oldin

    9:36 Cape Air: finally gets its long-awaited government approval for one year in 2020 Covid: *allow me to introduce myself*

  51. Dan Elgaard

    Dan Elgaard6 oy oldin

    You really don't need 13 minutes of video to explain why helicopers won't make it into the passenger airline industry - I can tell you that, even before the very first take-off: Price and noise - then add the slow speed and short range - and then add the none existing comport, missing lavatory and total lack of onboard service. I can tell you why helicoper airlines will fail in 10 seconds...

  52. Peter Langer

    Peter Langer6 oy oldin

    It won't have a future because the tree huggers complain about noise... :-) Sad but true!

  53. Yes

    Yes6 oy oldin

    tell this to sheild

  54. Elliott Smith

    Elliott Smith6 oy oldin

    I used to do travel reimbursements at UC Berkeley. $75 in today's equivalent from Berkeley to SFO is totally reasonable. Ubers range between $50 and $100 for that journey, depending on traffic. Taxis are about $100-$125.

  55. Mitchell H

    Mitchell H6 oy oldin

    As a helicopter flight instructor, at 6:15 I WISH we were worth hundreds of dollars an hour, but that is simply not the case.

  56. Richard Tickler

    Richard Tickler6 oy oldin

    making your trains not shit with a gov owned railway would be a green and mass marketable solution. but that seems to be impossible to imagine in the US

  57. Not Me Not Me

    Not Me Not Me6 oy oldin

    2:27 I always thought that many airlines use airports that are a 1 hours trip away from their city centre, simply because the airline wants to use whatever airport has the cheapest landing fees. For example, Ryanair landing over 120km away from Barcelona when everyone else can manage to land at another airport only 12km away

  58. The Garden of Eatin

    The Garden of Eatin6 oy oldin

    If going from airport to airport, like from Hong Kong to Macau, a small plane like a Cessna StationAir should be able to do the job much more efficiently than a helicopter. Blast off on the small GA runway, climb up to 1500 feet and cruise at 200 knots carrying 4 passengers. A Bonanza or a Piper M-Class could do the job as well.

  59. Hector Rodriguez

    Hector Rodriguez6 oy oldin

    Here is another example... helity.es/index.php Had a great experience few years ago.

  60. Romi Arkan

    Romi Arkan6 oy oldin

    What I learned is that these helicopter airlines make deals with companies who need transportation to offshore sites like an oiling rig or remote destinations. It's a pretty small market but it's there regardless.

  61. Alaqmaar Gandhi

    Alaqmaar Gandhi7 oy oldin

    Guys around the world: *travel for 1 hour to get to the airport.* Me: *Takes 15 minutes to get to Dubai International.* STRONKS

  62. Tyronne Simmons

    Tyronne Simmons7 oy oldin

    RIP Kobe

  63. Vim Alcel Naraga

    Vim Alcel Naraga7 oy oldin

    This could work, if the helicopter pilots don't have their "greatest plans".

  64. TheCTSimp

    TheCTSimp7 oy oldin

    What is this, an American that actually pronounced Melbourne correctly? Get him on the protected species list!

  65. Adam Wishneusky

    Adam Wishneusky7 oy oldin

    LGA is near the center of NYC? Sure if you’re a bird. If you’re in a subway bus or car it’s a waaayyys 😝

  66. Sammy Hamawi

    Sammy Hamawi7 oy oldin

    Kobe bryant

  67. Life Support

    Life Support7 oy oldin

    10:20 Vertical take-off and landing aircrafts for passanger use will most likely not be as big as the military kind. Companies like Lilium or Airbus, etc. have concepts in the testing stage which involve new battery as well as propulsion technologies. Less noise and less costs.

  68. Spacebug 111

    Spacebug 1117 oy oldin

    Luton airport 🤔

  69. 黄斌

    黄斌7 oy oldin

    Short answer: too expensive

  70. Juan Matteo

    Juan Matteo7 oy oldin

    Helicopter Airlines? We've got that in OpenTTD. Only got two types of choppers though.

  71. Taliesin River

    Taliesin River7 oy oldin

    In Vancouver we have regular seaplane flights and helicopter flights between the mainland and Vancouver Island and other places. And the seaplanes are going to be converted to electric, so that's cool.

  72. John Gilmer

    John Gilmer8 oy oldin

    Choppers are still high maintenance, relatively low capacity, and downright dangerous.

  73. Freddy Chale

    Freddy Chale8 oy oldin

    *What about Trump's wonderful *Trump Shuttle?* Helis to Atlantic City the Hamptons and LaGuardia Airport? Another hugely successful, wonderful, great, incredible idea. Wonderful, Wonderful idea. That lasted less than 3 years before going bankrupt (his specialty: Chapter 11).

  74. Brett DeLong

    Brett DeLong8 oy oldin

    What they didn't factor in was no one wants to go to Baltimore fast.

  75. Nembly

    Nembly8 oy oldin

    British Columbia has both a helicopter airline and a float plane airline from downtown Vancouver, the most populous city, and downtown Victoria, the capital city, which is on a large island. Because Victoria is on Vancouver Island, alternatives are driving or bussing to and from a 90 minute ferry ride. Also, as the city airports are outside the cities, a Vancouver to Victoria flight on a regular commercial airline has the logistical challenge of getting to and from the outside-the-city airports. Between the island location and the airports outside of downtown, it's easy to see that float plane and helicopter travel saves a lot of time and some inconvenience (for instance, public busses to and from the ferries may take an hour and be crowded, with standing room only) for people. I've booked Harbour Air flights and helicopter service for people I worked for who needed to get to a government meeting or conference. The float plane tickets are less expensive than the helicopter ones, as capacity is higher on the float planes, though there is a slight time advantage to the helicopter flights. Departure and arrival areas for both are within a few blocks of each other -- and the respective downtown -- in both cities.

  76. Alfons Rasmus

    Alfons Rasmus7 oy oldin

    Wow, you really put a lot of effort into this comment! That's a like from me

  77. AeroGarage

    AeroGarage8 oy oldin

    Helicopters are now more fuel efficient, and less costly for maintenance (rotors and engines having longer lifespans, less moving parts, ...). That might help.

  78. Monang Agustian

    Monang Agustian8 oy oldin

    Can't wait for Civilian version of V-22 Osprey and SB-1 Defiant.

  79. Sofia Kovaleva

    Sofia Kovaleva8 oy oldin

    In Moscow, there was also a first airport inside the city. But it was too small and to close to houses, so Moscow builded couple of bigger airports outside the city, and the territory was developed and builded with houses and shops. But there are still "Airport" metro station, where are no airport now.

  80. Mainmanrr

    Mainmanrr8 oy oldin

    development of tiltrotor aircraft has almost stoped, its not the future. The future is in compound helicopters.

  81. Baby Canada

    Baby Canada8 oy oldin

    in my city we have a helicopter that carries passengers from vancouver to victoria BC every 4 hours

  82. Jc tan

    Jc tan9 oy oldin

    Wasn’t The Rotordyne a vtol passenger helicopter/plane? Sadly it failed

  83. Alex Coman

    Alex Coman9 oy oldin

    From my experience those who have money to pay for flying with a helicopter on a somewhat regular basis buy their own helicopter. Then they find out the expenses of overhauled components and they sell it shortly after they buy it.

  84. sm555

    sm5559 oy oldin

    They should call it Ubair 🤔

  85. Deez Noots

    Deez Noots9 oy oldin

    Because helicopters are stupid

  86. shimi reji

    shimi reji9 oy oldin

    What about Monaco it has a helicopter airline

  87. Marneus Calgar

    Marneus Calgar9 oy oldin

    There is a regular Helicopter line that flies from Ceuta to Malaga and Algeciras, Helity.

  88. Lunar Beetlejuice

    Lunar Beetlejuice9 oy oldin

    Sees a vertibird: My Fallout 2 Brain : aw shit here we go again

  89. samto

    samto9 oy oldin

    Bro the music sounds like the end of the Truman show

  90. pspdudue23

    pspdudue239 oy oldin

    5:10 for answer to title

  91. I. S.

    I. S.9 oy oldin

    Music is exceptional this time, really noticeable!

  92. Kraut4Kanzler

    Kraut4Kanzler9 oy oldin

    F to climate

  93. baginatora

    baginatora9 oy oldin

    As far as I know, helicopter airlines are a thing in Russia.

  94. Karim Flut

    Karim Flut9 oy oldin

    I’m sorry but the airport of “le Bourget” near Paris is everything but closed !

  95. 912-PIZZA

    912-PIZZA9 oy oldin


  96. geotorum

    geotorum9 oy oldin

    You sound like the guy from Half as Interesting

  97. Max Lee

    Max Lee9 oy oldin

    Bring back the Rotodyne!

  98. Womp Womp

    Womp Womp9 oy oldin

    Wendover: Not a single mention of the Rotodyne. Me: *Sad Mustard Noises*

  99. Bhagat

    Bhagat9 kun oldin


  100. Tsar Eric

    Tsar Eric6 oy oldin

    I found this video from that video you mentioned.

  101. 27 2000

    27 20009 oy oldin

    *Kobe has left the chat

  102. Sequoia

    Sequoia10 oy oldin

    There has been a bridge between Hong Kong and Macau via HKG.

  103. Western Ohio Interurban History

    Western Ohio Interurban History10 oy oldin

    "interurban air travel" Not a good choice of words, an interurban is an electric railroad.

  104. Axel Priam

    Axel Priam10 oy oldin

    Error in the video : Le bourget airport didn't closed. It's still used today for civilian and military use everyday

  105. Tapas Ray

    Tapas Ray10 oy oldin

    You have forgotten about Pawanhans India Limited

  106. Bamaneck Jr

    Bamaneck Jr10 oy oldin

    well I think they did succeed because look at Kobe

  107. musAKulture

    musAKulture10 oy oldin

    laughs in asia with our intricate bullet train networks

  108. Sagar Patil

    Sagar Patil10 oy oldin

    There is a service in Bangalore to travel from the city's tech hub to the airport, a trip that normally takes an hour and half, in 15 minutes.

  109. ceefourem

    ceefourem10 oy oldin

    Thank you for the video! I have some insights on a few points, please let me know if you're interested in hearing them.