The News You Missed in 2020, From Every Country in the World (Part 1)

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Writing and research by Christine Benedetti
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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  1. Tommy Randolph

    Tommy RandolphSoat oldin

    That old man from South Africa was just puffing a cig chopping wood

  2. Maria Rodrigues

    Maria Rodrigues11 soat oldin


  3. Maria Rodrigues

    Maria Rodrigues11 soat oldin

    WOW WOW WOW MALI uses Rope or CLOTHING to CUFF Criminals... man those residents Respect the POLICE, Guess its cause if you try to escape... THEYLL SHOOT TO KILL...

  4. Alec

    AlecKun oldin

    Hey what about George Floyd who’s death sparked international protest across the western world!?

  5. Matt B

    Matt BKun oldin

    4:46 Lmao when he said Nigeria was having trouble with “Yellow Fever” I thought he was bout to say that them Nigerians only date Asian women. 😂

  6. 計柏毅

    計柏毅4 kun oldin

    No seeing our country here is kinda sad. I know this video is now 5 months old and Sam did do a disclaimer about it, but considering 2020 may have been the year that our country gain the most international visibility, it is sad. I just hope Taiwan to be seen, and it is so hard.

  7. Symmetrie Bruch

    Symmetrie Bruch6 kun oldin

    33:18 they really showed that bus. it certainly will think twice before misspending funds again.

  8. NomisIsGozulike

    NomisIsGozulike6 kun oldin

    "Very nice!" - Kazakhstan

  9. butch coolidge

    butch coolidge6 kun oldin

    of course some bullshit about russia

  10. Max M

    Max M8 kun oldin

    Did anyone notice the old Myanmar flag at 14:43?

  11. natureallmighty

    natureallmighty9 kun oldin

    Killer whales have all the right to be pissed at boats

  12. Lord Queezle

    Lord Queezle11 kun oldin

    Wendover productions: "And that 'C' word, the one that describes the biggest story of 2020, you won't hear that at all. We start in China..." Trump supporters: ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

  13. David Petersen

    David Petersen11 kun oldin

    Wow, You really must do this each year! We try to keep up with news but our local and National news is so saturated with domestic issues that we seldom have the chance to get these fascinating news items from around the world. Bravo!

  14. Thojifad

    Thojifad15 kun oldin

    This is one of my favorite videos you've done, because there's so much news out there that no one is covering. Thank you! I wish you did this quarterly (ideally a handful once a week, but yeah...).

  15. David S

    David S15 kun oldin

    I think you did not mention a fact about Israel. Israel has over 9 million inhabitants. So Israel was supposed to be on the list.

  16. Bharath R

    Bharath R17 kun oldin

    How many ads do you want Sam: Yes

  17. Yuli Lestari

    Yuli Lestari18 kun oldin

    I am scare to give my tumb mark in any video the law i had to follow due to fight hoax or go to jail 🙏🏼 so i just gonna keep all the creator anger for not leaving mark 👍

  18. Franklin&Tangelo345

    Franklin&Tangelo34517 kun oldin

    Ok cool

  19. Default Cube

    Default Cube20 kun oldin

    Ah shit, I accidentally made a pigeon gecko.

  20. Franklin&Tangelo345

    Franklin&Tangelo34517 kun oldin

    That’s what happens sometimes.

  21. Sälis Sälis

    Sälis Sälis20 kun oldin

    He's talking about Trump there in the beginning, right? ;)

  22. Chloe Turner

    Chloe Turner20 kun oldin

    50. Venezuela is probably requesting it due to the fact birth rates are falling and it leads to a aging population with no new people to generate wealth unless through migration. He's not protecting the people no because in reality he probably cannot afford to but he can give opportunities to the next generation (long term plans) to avoid this in the future

  23. Agent Office

    Agent Office22 kun oldin

    Duterte is a criminal

  24. noman asghar

    noman asghar22 kun oldin

    Terrorism is terrorism. It is not good to associate it with any religion 29.00

  25. Alex Benton

    Alex Benton25 kun oldin

    "opioids, like methamphetamine" im sorry but please do at least a cursory google search before you say things like this

  26. Dillon Adams

    Dillon Adams25 kun oldin


  27. Kash JPM

    Kash JPM25 kun oldin

    meth isn't an opioid

  28. Nomi

    Nomi26 kun oldin

    There were many other popular things happened in Pakistan in 2020 and choose what? Basmati news 😂 seriously man but it's alright never mind .

  29. Nomi

    Nomi26 kun oldin

    There were many other popular things happened in Pakistan in 2020 and choose what? Basmati news 😂 seriously man but it's alright never mind .

  30. Nomi

    Nomi26 kun oldin

    From Pakistan 🇵🇰

  31. Tararidh

    Tararidh26 kun oldin

    rich countries news: quirky lighthearted news poor countries news: war, famine, death

  32. Muninn Myrkvi

    Muninn MyrkviOy oldin

    Uganda must be really weak against poachers if it's considered a victory for someone who poached an endangered gorilla to spend only 6 years in prison.

  33. Jack Spedicy2

    Jack Spedicy2Oy oldin

    28:21 has subtitles rapidly flash by in a single second. Also earlyer when talking aboit the skeletons, the subtitles stopped working

  34. Kalijah Eyolya-Ralph

    Kalijah Eyolya-RalphOy oldin

    Methamphetamines are not an opioid, opioids are of the poppy origin and methamphetamines come from amphetamine variety which is a stimulant and does not come from a plant. There is the khat plant from the lands of the Horn of Africa in Ethiopia and surrounding lands that is a stimulant like amphetamines I don't know but I don't believe it to be in the classification as amphetamine. It's more of a cocaine and coca plant based stimulant. Amphetamines especially methamphetamines which is simply illegally produced amphetamines really are Reliant almost entirely on humans making it to where is you can drink poppy leaf tea and it's technically still an opioid but still a far cry from the potency of something like heroin or methadone.

  35. Kalijah Eyolya-Ralph

    Kalijah Eyolya-RalphOy oldin

    Yes amphetamines are a psychostimulant or just a stimulant essentially to wear as opioids are classified as depressants. Bully I went blabbing a lot just to pretty much say that and methamphetamines were not opioids I apologize, awesome video by the way! :-)

  36. Lewis Hendo

    Lewis HendoOy oldin

    14:42 that’s not the myanmar flag 🇲🇲

  37. Justin Alias

    Justin AliasOy oldin

    Methamphetamines is not an opioid.

  38. Andre Rafael Aguas

    Andre Rafael AguasOy oldin


  39. Andre Rafael Aguas

    Andre Rafael AguasOy oldin


  40. Andre Rafael Aguas

    Andre Rafael AguasOy oldin


  41. Adam Yerima

    Adam YerimaOy oldin

    nice yt rewind lol

  42. DecisiveZoom

    DecisiveZoomOy oldin

    Can we get one of these every year? I guarantee I would never have heard of half of these other wise.

  43. DrBookGuy

    DrBookGuyOy oldin

    As a Filipino, I'm so disappointed you regard that as the big news in my country.

  44. Ninja Nerd Student #69

    Ninja Nerd Student #69Oy oldin

    I shudder about the way he pronounces Basmati. It was so off, that without images of rice, I would never know what he was talking about.

  45. MEREF

    MEREFOy oldin

    and slovakia?

  46. Emily. White.🇺🇸

    Emily. White.🇺🇸Oy oldin

    Hurricanes Laura and Delta I’m talking about Louisiana’s hurricanes

  47. Mr. Doggo

    Mr. DoggoOy oldin

    Dang bro. Jesus loves you btw

  48. MK’s Aviation

    MK’s AviationOy oldin

    Mexico's Pharmaceutical tourism industry! LMAO

  49. Brendan Schoen

    Brendan SchoenOy oldin

    "345 dollar fine." Oh, so you mean tourists can still drunk dive then?

  50. ThatGuy

    ThatGuyOy oldin

    6:55 but can it run Crysis?

  51. Ethan O. McBride

    Ethan O. McBrideOy oldin

    If somebody made one of these every month I would watch it. Twice as good as BBC, almost half as good as DW

  52. JBBrickman

    JBBrickman2 oy oldin

    Meh, Cook Off... it exists, but it’s nothing compared to the greatest films in Africa made in Wakaliwood Uganda!

  53. JBBrickman

    JBBrickman2 oy oldin

    What???, they gave elephants weed???? Earth’s going to hell in a hand-basket!

  54. SpaceViking

    SpaceViking2 oy oldin

    Less weapons more food. Humans just don’t get it.

  55. SpaceViking

    SpaceViking2 oy oldin

    Over fishing continues.

  56. SicknessDDOEU

    SicknessDDOEU2 oy oldin

    @25:00 xD xD xD

  57. Shubham Adawade

    Shubham Adawade2 oy oldin

    14:51 why use the taiwanese flag for myanmar's news.

  58. Khalay Kim

    Khalay Kim2 oy oldin

    Really? Myanmar 🇲🇲 flag is Taiwan 🇹🇼 flag😅🤪

  59. Olga Mazur

    Olga Mazur2 oy oldin

    Poland faced the biggest protests since the 80s because of the government ban of abortion and you decide to tell the world about elephants being medicated with weed? Priorities, man

  60. Joao Cruz

    Joao Cruz2 oy oldin

    16:28 it wasn't Spain it was Eez of Portugal. Our sea our land our nation!

  61. Andrezits

    Andrezits2 oy oldin

    Me: Oh man, can't wait to see what he picked for Brazil! So much stuff happened! Him: *frog*

  62. okmandud

    okmandudKun oldin

    @Heath Mitchell forg

  63. Heath Mitchell

    Heath Mitchell4 kun oldin


  64. asmit317ify

    asmit317ify2 oy oldin

    Amphetamines aren't opiates

  65. Ťaryn C

    Ťaryn C2 oy oldin

    It was CHY-NAH and yes palestine is not a country its a nothing!!

  66. Quan Tran

    Quan Tran2 oy oldin

    "Very nice, how much?"

  67. Teresa Hughes

    Teresa Hughes2 oy oldin

    The rotten triangle unexplainably back because peanut apparently attempt toward a resolute cappelletti. little, soft great-grandmother

  68. Ben Hansen

    Ben Hansen2 oy oldin

    >Says he wont mention coronavirus once >Goes out of his way to mention it 5 mins in

  69. Pat Harris

    Pat Harris2 oy oldin

    He mentioned the C-word at roughly 10:25

  70. Hristina Trajkovska Trajkovska

    Hristina Trajkovska Trajkovska2 oy oldin

    I'm not seeing news for North Macedonia.

  71. whooosh bait lol

    whooosh bait lolOy oldin

    Its two parts

  72. Varun Yadav

    Varun Yadav2 oy oldin

    You showed wrong map of india

  73. Matt Beyer

    Matt Beyer2 oy oldin

    Good thing there would be no way to hoax a hum bean landing on the moon now days with our tech but cause the tech could do good fake. It would be hilarious if çhina caught faking a landing though

  74. DIY J Man

    DIY J Man2 oy oldin

    They are sure keeping the corrupt government out of the news in America they proved that the media is liers and they are forcing people to believe what they say

  75. hac129

    hac1292 oy oldin

    You used the old flag for Myanmar (Burma). :-)

  76. T

    T2 oy oldin

    Wanta go outside? Nah I’m chilling with Utube

  77. Amitoj Partap Singh

    Amitoj Partap Singh2 oy oldin

    How is this video not being reported. It contains so much misinformation, video doesn't match the topic. Good people seeving in community are being depicted as businesses. 3:30

  78. Amitoj Partap Singh

    Amitoj Partap Singh2 oy oldin

    All after 3:30

  79. Random Ñēss

    Random Ñēss2 oy oldin

    How the hell did *leperacy* infect olives?

  80. Profit Omughele

    Profit Omughele2 oy oldin

    Thank you

  81. Sarbani Bhattacharya

    Sarbani Bhattacharya2 oy oldin

    You did many great mistakes in this video. The most outrageous one of them was showing Republic of China (Taiwan)'s flag as that of Myanmar

  82. Mohammad Tawash

    Mohammad Tawash2 oy oldin

    46:00 thanks for the worst news of our country 😂

  83. Yanik Kunitsin

    Yanik Kunitsin2 oy oldin

    45:07 - Nagorny-KarabaKH not KarabaSH

  84. Ayush Kumar Singh

    Ayush Kumar Singh2 oy oldin

    Bangladesh left India behind in gross domestic product per capita, not in good domestic product

  85. Jayne Stagg

    Jayne Stagg2 oy oldin

    You're sneaky Coronie........😁

  86. Ricky Smith

    Ricky Smith2 oy oldin


  87. Nealikus

    Nealikus2 oy oldin

    Get rid of the c-word

  88. Ethaniel Clyne

    Ethaniel Clyne2 oy oldin

    Wouldn't say Tajikistan East Asia at all but other than that great vid

  89. Don't mind me

    Don't mind me2 oy oldin

    It seems like you got the wrong flag for Myanmar. The one used at 14:33 was switched out for another in 2010. Other than that (and any other small misses that others may have pointed out), I'm astounded by the scope of this video. We don't deserve such great quality, but thanks for making it anyways!

  90. C Ds

    C Ds2 oy oldin

    I know I'm 2 months late, but I just want to say, as a Filipino, the part with the Philippines regarding ABS-CBN was surprising to me since it's very different to the news regarding the issue that we've been getting (from ABS-CBN news themselves). The news we've been getting has been related to how the company of ABS-CBN has been going against their contract, and from the news they've been painting it as the law unfairly bullying them because they don't like news and trying to incite their viewers to fight on their behalf. Nowhere did they mention anything about them not having money.

  91. cerw1n cervantes

    cerw1n cervantes3 oy oldin

    For me, the biggest news for PH in 2020 should be the Eruption of the World's Smallest Volcano after 40+ years of dormancy, the TAAL and not the closure of that station.

  92. LDPVP

    LDPVP3 oy oldin

    I fall asleep listening to this. 😀

  93. jack benson

    jack benson3 oy oldin

    9.47 the DEMORATIC republic?? ooh i got you

  94. Happy Fox

    Happy Fox3 oy oldin

    "an old man died after doing hard work with a 4lb hammer" OK, I'm gonna say this, he wasn't frail at all and worked hard even though he was the oldest man alive

  95. Jeffrey Hill

    Jeffrey Hill3 oy oldin

    3rd time watching this and still Hobby lobby being a multi time illegal artifact buyer is the one that gets me...

  96. General Cartman. E. Lee

    General Cartman. E. Lee3 oy oldin

    You could of chose a lot of better stories for half of these

  97. General Cartman. E. Lee

    General Cartman. E. Lee3 oy oldin

    People really think moving to Ghana is better than the USA I think it’s the opposite

  98. liamroddy420

    liamroddy4203 oy oldin

    You missed Ireland

  99. Texas Ray

    Texas Ray3 oy oldin

    Gee it seems like not only was the world economy scuttled by that unmentioned health scam, but communication and education were shut down as well. Somebody's getting ready to seize global control. But we'd better not mention that either. It won't be news until after it happens. And when it does , there will be a wendover video praising it.

  100. Baum

    Baum3 oy oldin

    HAHAHA US racial injustice. Oh... you're serious. HAAAAHAAAAHAAAA

  101. Lamar Cox

    Lamar Cox3 oy oldin

    Why they let the old man chop wood with an hammer. Over 100yrs old and able to do that was still impressive

  102. Herbert PIlgrim

    Herbert PIlgrim3 oy oldin

    Thanks for the updates keep it coming I don’t turn on my TV no more. Sick of hearing about the killer vaccine!!!!!!!!!

  103. Влад Васев

    Влад Васев3 oy oldin

    Sorry if I misunderstood something, but on 2.03 minute he says that China was the second country who plant its flag on the moon. In fact it was USSR with its Luna Program. Believe or not, just read the trivial Wikipedia article

  104. TheCormorant

    TheCormorant3 oy oldin


  105. Tim Stark

    Tim Stark3 oy oldin

    just because it wasn't part of u.s. propaganda, is it still trumps fault?

  106. Mathias Bartl

    Mathias Bartl3 oy oldin

    12:09 is a German concentration camp?

  107. SpazzDragon

    SpazzDragon3 oy oldin

    13:37 love the visuals and story chosen for us.