The Incredible Logistics of Grocery Stores

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy Nikko Williard
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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  1. techydude

    techydude6 soat oldin

    samwich? really??

  2. leafgh0st

    leafgh0st15 soat oldin

    hells yeah Brother!

  3. Matthew Beeman

    Matthew BeemanKun oldin

    It would be nice to have that automated palletizing process, that's not every grocery store, for sure, Food Lion is lucky to have a pallet where everything is on the same aisle.

  4. Matthew Beeman

    Matthew BeemanKun oldin

    Publix calls the "niche" items the Low Volume items, not sure if that's a separate warehouse, and Food Lion calls them specialty items, they are in the same warehouse, but they get picked by single items, so a store can order by 1s instead of by 12 - almost the entire Health & Beauty aisle is specialty, along with spices, cooking and baking utensils, the authentic hispanic items, and school supplies

  5. John Cena

    John CenaKun oldin

    "kroger's" intensifies...

  6. Civil Warfare

    Civil Warfare2 kun oldin

    It's kind of funny because our huge supermarkets are credited to the "free market" but they all used planned economies

  7. Edward Carlin

    Edward Carlin2 kun oldin

    What on earth? How did you arrive at the exact opposite conclusion of reality? There is no central planner making this miracle happen. It’s a highly decentralized system that relies on price signals to operate smoothly. There is just no way any one person or even a committee of persons could *possibly* plan a global supply chain with this many SKUs. Boris Yeltsen himself marvelled at the sheer quantity and variety of a typical American grocery store when he visited a suburb of Houston in 1989 and admitted that the stark contrast to the Soviets’ dismal consumer options was part of what convinced him they had lost the Cold War to the capitalists.

  8. one tome plz

    one tome plz2 kun oldin

    Tbh fuck Colorado is probably what ever person who works in logistics like it’s cold high way shut down snow storm 1 high way lol

  9. farLander

    farLander3 kun oldin

    As a Walmart employee the execution is just as convoluted and frustrating as it sounds here

  10. hz duoduox

    hz duoduox3 kun oldin

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  11. Cassie Oz

    Cassie Oz4 kun oldin

    I remember a world before supermarkets and I am NOT 100 years old. We ate seasonal fruit and veg, and paid in cash. If the product wasn't there, we bought something else. If we didn't have enough money, we bought less (or something else). Not complicated. I'm tired of hearing (supposedly) adults doing the infantile equivalent of stamping their feet and shouting 'but I WANT...' Grow up

  12. NSG_Kuunda

    NSG_Kuunda4 kun oldin

    I worked in a distribution center for about half a year. It sucked. All manual except for the voice operated inventory system and the pallet jacks. Lol

  13. NSG_Kuunda

    NSG_Kuunda4 kun oldin

    The point: we're spoiled.

  14. Owen Cook

    Owen Cook5 kun oldin

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  15. STARTGaming

    STARTGaming5 kun oldin

    As a home Depot employee let me tell you that a "slight disparity between reality and inventory management software" is the understatement of the century haha

  16. LongArmsGiraffe09

    LongArmsGiraffe095 kun oldin

    my favorite thing is that Wendover Productions is nearing 3M subscribers. I'm not alone in my logistics nerd-dom!

  17. Dooge

    Dooge5 kun oldin

    I don't even like grapes

  18. The Deer And The Wolf

    The Deer And The Wolf5 kun oldin

    Okay.. I've heard this before but do you guys really get year round fruit and veggies in America? I thought things coming in and out of season was normal.... lots of berries and such in summer and lots of root vegetables and squash in winter ... maybe it's just because New Zealand is kinda remote? I can't tell which is globally considered normal ^^"

  19. Ian Stewart

    Ian Stewart6 kun oldin


  20. Roy Rose

    Roy Rose7 kun oldin

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  21. Jason S

    Jason S7 kun oldin

    Because we need seriously need 250 different salad dressing options and 300 cereals.

  22. Erwann Bouedo

    Erwann Bouedo8 kun oldin

    Who’s better wendover or economics explained?

  23. Aaron Jones

    Aaron Jones8 kun oldin

    I guess I should save this video to send to anyone who thinks a centrally planned economy can match the optimization of the free market. No wonder Communism went kaput.

  24. Codi Serville

    Codi Serville8 kun oldin

    What makes you pick the Glenwood Springs location of all places? Haha. I drive by it from time to time as a King Soopers shopper.

  25. M

    M9 kun oldin

    Oh man, glad to see this vid. Wish I had people to nerd out about this irl.

  26. Kythra the suntamer

    Kythra the suntamer9 kun oldin

    for the algorythm

  27. Emerald Kimble

    Emerald Kimble9 kun oldin

    Typo it’s pallet not palette

  28. Ashadow Reviews

    Ashadow Reviews9 kun oldin

    Is it just me, or does the efficiency of modern supply chains feel a bit underappreciated?

  29. Darren Scott

    Darren Scott10 kun oldin

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  30. Jack RoyalTea

    Jack RoyalTea10 kun oldin

    This is just a more in depth and more interesting “How it’s Made”... and I love it.

  31. Quick Fix

    Quick Fix10 kun oldin

    Very interesting video. By the way though, it’s Kroger, not Krogers.

  32. David Reichert

    David Reichert10 kun oldin

    Interesting to watch the modern distribution centre process. I worked at a grocery distribution centre back in the early 1990s for a time when it was all manual (and very exhausting!)

  33. LMacNeill

    LMacNeill13 kun oldin

    People who complain about capitalism have no clue how any of this works. Do you think government bureaucrats could set this up?! HA!! People stood in line for bread and toilet-paper in the USSR. We have a hundred different varieties of bread and a couple dozen different brands of toilet paper at our local store, and we're a small town in north Georgia. Can't do that without capitalism.

  34. Latoya Morrison

    Latoya Morrison13 kun oldin

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  35. imicca

    imicca13 kun oldin

    Yet you have those crazy anti capitalists who don’t understand how much they depend on capitalism

  36. The Killer Polar Bear

    The Killer Polar Bear13 kun oldin

    leave it to wendover to make logistics fascinating

  37. American Citizen

    American Citizen14 kun oldin

    The bottleneck comes when the customer goes to buy the products. You spend 10 minutes shopping and then 30 minutes waiting in line because Walmart or Safeway does not have enough cashiers working to handle the volume of customers. It is pathetic....

  38. ShyPoke

    ShyPoke14 kun oldin

    Fucking love capitalism.

  39. Archangel Ultra

    Archangel Ultra14 kun oldin

    See, it's systems like these that indicate the success of capitalism and how so many benefit from its impact without actually realizing. People who fundamentally hate capitalism or who choose to focus on just the negatives of it (of which there are many, admittedly) either don't understand how complex huge companies' logistics are, or think they won't mind life without them. When you can no longer find your niche brand of product you thought you can't live without, you'll respect the good of capitalism a lot more.

  40. Incisive

    Incisive14 kun oldin

    False dichotomy between monopolies and inefficient supply chains.

  41. Jaska

    Jaska14 kun oldin

    You made me realized that the months July to November spell JASON

  42. anijenkamp

    anijenkamp14 kun oldin

    Got a lot more empathy for logistics workers now. Insane what they do to keep the world running

  43. Potatoez

    Potatoez14 kun oldin

    2:55 gee I wonder how the stats look like in my country.... top 4 chains corner 80% of the market instead of 45% for the US... yeah... murican market is so consolidated.... ^^"

  44. Jennifer Von Deylen

    Jennifer Von Deylen14 kun oldin

    Time for an update. They are NOT staying stocked 92% of the time. Let's have a video on supply chain disruption.

  45. Scully

    Scully14 kun oldin

    why was anything cut for time? this is You Tube, not network television. That's the silliest reason to get people to sign up for your service. You could have made the video hours long and it would be the same

  46. drout

    drout14 kun oldin

    NA grocery stores *

  47. ti jo

    ti jo14 kun oldin

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  48. Alice Warnick

    Alice Warnick14 kun oldin

    wait i've been to that exact king soopers in colorado springs whAT (i'm from colorado, most people from denver/boulder/springs area suburbs call it king soopers even if it's actually city market in the mountains. yes, this glenwood king soopers is actually a city market but they're literally the same thing. people from the metro call it king soopers, people in the mountain towns have city market)

  49. Cadillac94pimpin

    Cadillac94pimpin15 kun oldin

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  50. Swaffle

    Swaffle15 kun oldin

    They don't organize pallets- former Walmart employee

  51. Boshiko

    Boshiko15 kun oldin

    Ah yes , the informative video my mother ask me to watch

  52. Nancy Paskeny

    Nancy Paskeny15 kun oldin

    Very informative 👍

  53. Group A Entertainment

    Group A Entertainment15 kun oldin

    Why so many ads😴

  54. Dylan Smith

    Dylan Smith16 kun oldin

    I grew up in Western Colorado were City Markets are. Cool to see you use them as an example in this video!

  55. FocusPics

    FocusPics16 kun oldin

    Capitalism works 👍🏻

  56. James Lim

    James Lim16 kun oldin

    China believes in healthy competition but US believes in gathering her allies to compete. What does that means? US already lost to China when the match is one to one. Now she needs a group of "friends" to assist to compete. The sports of boxing comes from US. This sport involved two contestants to beat each other in the match. Have you ever seen a boxing match having two or more contestants going against one contestant?

  57. James Lim

    James Lim16 kun oldin

    The main reason why the USA western media falsely accuses CHINA of mistreating Uyghur Muslims is because they want to prevent the 1.6 Billion Chinese worldwide and 2.0 Billion Muslims from working together. Both these groups have been discriminated by USA and the WEST for decades and are more likely to work together. Chinese & Muslim nations working together will lead to US losing its dominance of the world. Plus this will gain Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe and African support too including the rest of the world such as Latin America.

  58. Mixin With The Robersons

    Mixin With The Robersons16 kun oldin

    This guy really said “Krogers” like a 72 year old black grand dad

  59. John NYC ; ]

    John NYC ; ]17 kun oldin

    Insane !!

  60. Taylor Wilson

    Taylor Wilson17 kun oldin

    J A S O N

  61. James Henry Smith

    James Henry Smith17 kun oldin

    2:13 The supply chain can't even handle a covid pandemic that the president said didn't exist, apparently!

  62. James Henry Smith

    James Henry Smith17 kun oldin

    2:13 Didn't the new video just say the global supply chain was bad, poorly planned, and flawed, with many shortages!?

  63. Ethan

    Ethan17 kun oldin

    I work at a distribution center for Aldi. We pick boxes and build all the pallets ourselves, no automation. I need to get over to Kroger distribution where they have machines that do all that 🤣🤣

  64. Bendigo

    Bendigo16 kun oldin

    The most automated thing they have is a conveyor belt that someone throws stuff on and someone down the line pulls it off and puts it on a pallet

  65. Ram R

    Ram R17 kun oldin

    I don't even care what he is explaining, (even though this is some absolute quality research well put together and presented) the voice, the passion and the piano playing in the background, it is so soothing, I would listen to this whenever I want to relax.

  66. Just A. Seeker

    Just A. Seeker17 kun oldin

    Walmart was the Death of many small business across the US. Now the US #1 Employer.

  67. Bendigo

    Bendigo16 kun oldin

    Amazon will be the death of Walmart

  68. Eleniki Jr

    Eleniki Jr17 kun oldin


  69. Tommy Rioux

    Tommy Rioux17 kun oldin

    I work in a seafood distribution centre and all our pallets are started in the frozen (-25C) section with no regard to where the item goes it's rather where the item is in our route and it is then sent to the dock in it's place where someone else comes to pick it up and do the fresh section then fill it up some more and only then is it wrapped and sent into the truck. And yeah tetris skills are important there

  70. Crisss Sontay

    Crisss Sontay17 kun oldin

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  71. Studio23 Media

    Studio23 Media17 kun oldin

    I think the niche stocking thing is pretty cool. They're at least doing something to try and earn my money.

  72. LWkitty

    LWkitty18 kun oldin

    first comment after 1 million views on this video

  73. M F

    M F17 kun oldin

    Here is a 🍪

  74. Luca De Lauw

    Luca De Lauw18 kun oldin

    3:47 Do all Wallmarts have that many cameras?

  75. Captain Rawn

    Captain Rawn18 kun oldin

    I would like to submit that Wendover Productions begin to distribute their video product on Rumble. That being said, I like your product

  76. Smufter16

    Smufter1618 kun oldin

    GREAT VIDEO!!! Had to watch it a few times to soak in the scope of the operation. From farm to shelf is far more complex than I thought.

  77. Christina Hewett

    Christina Hewett18 kun oldin

    Wal-Mart sucks at groceries

  78. xpirate16

    xpirate1618 kun oldin

    Just another video of "Wow, the world is so much more complicated than I ever thought of" Marvel obscured by banality is right!

  79. gil ray baker

    gil ray baker18 kun oldin

    Uh huh, so who named the grocery distribution hub after a legendary cannibalistic spirit? "Soylent Green Is People Serving People."

  80. Duck Down

    Duck Down18 kun oldin

    And so the lessons learned ?

  81. recidivists

    recidivists19 kun oldin

    Ahh, Wendover describes massive food disparity in detail. I love my local dumpster.

  82. K U

    K U19 kun oldin

    1:39 He said nut butter!!! The one I love to spread!

  83. Cleo C

    Cleo C19 kun oldin

    Software might make suggestions on what to order, but a good manager tweaks these amounts, knowing their particular store better than the company software.

  84. Daniel Fernandes

    Daniel Fernandes19 kun oldin

    Loved the animations!

  85. Stephan Doiron

    Stephan Doiron19 kun oldin

    This guy says "you see" so often that you could turn it into a drinking game! Makes me wonder how I manage to live my life without ever saying it? Come on man, you can do better, you know word processors have a find and replace feature for your script right? Right?

  86. Michael Heider

    Michael Heider19 kun oldin

    I like the new trend of. Let's go to the farmers market first and then get the other stuff at " supermarkets name "

  87. Julie Wong

    Julie Wong19 kun oldin

    Nice video I so much love it...... most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advised them against investing and trading forex while the wise ones kept investing and going higher financially

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    @Hans Gylling thanks Mr. I text him now

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    Really y'all know him ? I even thought I'm the only one who he has helped walked through the fears and falls of trading

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    I met Mr Brian for the first time at a conference in Manchester I invested £2,200 and traded in some couple of weeks making close to £5,759

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    You mean to tell me that Amigo (Walmart owned supermarket) has that small order of Shin Ramyun there because of me?! Are you for real?! 🤣

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  106. Brad Banwarth

    Brad Banwarth20 kun oldin

    I subscribe to Nebula and Curiosity Stream and I honestly can’t find you. I think finding things of Curiosity stream is not great-even when I know what I’m looking for.

  107. FusRoDah2

    FusRoDah220 kun oldin

    I find that MagellanTV is the best out of these new streaming services. Though Magellan is more documentary focused like the old days of the discovery and history channel.

  108. Edric Yeo

    Edric Yeo20 kun oldin

    What about the logistics of a grocery store...wait for it.. at an airport?

  109. Benjamin McLean

    Benjamin McLean20 kun oldin

    Supermarkets are great

  110. Adventure Begins

    Adventure Begins20 kun oldin

    I work at Target. The way that we handle certain products is a little different. We do have the automated system that you are talking about. It keeps track of inventory through sales and we also take in account for damages/expires. Nabisco, Coke, Pepsi, Frito Lay and some other vendors handle their own product. They make their own orders, they handle their own inventory. They have their own delivery trucks, they have their own factories and what not. Hope this helps! Love the videos Edit: spelling/grammar

  111. wagil90

    wagil9020 kun oldin

    They have the general idea but missed a key component. Not all items on the self come from the stores distribution warehouse or even store employees putting those items on the self. IE Nabisco delivers the product to the store via there own truck. Then Nabisco's salesman or merchandiser will rotate and fill the shelf with stock. beer, liquor, pop/soda, snack food companies so on and so on do this as well. these companies also buy shelf space in order to sell their goods.

  112. dlwatib

    dlwatib20 kun oldin

    Clearly many grocery chains are not doing a good job of catering to consumers with less popular tastes. I have to shop a total of 5 different stores (and sometimes a 6th that's over 20 miles away) to get all the items I regularly buy because no one store stocks everything. Even so, I often go without some things I would buy if they were available. My tastes aren't actually that unusual, it's just that I'm a single male non-Hispanic person living in an area dominated by large Hispanic families. I like Mexican food well enough but it gives me heartburn. I don't enjoy cooking so I search out foods in packaging appropriate for single servings and little or no prep work, usually in microwavable containers. Hispanic women apparently don't feed their families from single serving containers, and their favorite foods have very little overlap with mine.

  113. JJAB91

    JJAB9120 kun oldin

    Capitalism in a nutshell

  114. Елена Кузнецова

    Елена Кузнецова20 kun oldin

    Supermarkets create mounts of garbage and huge dumping grounds and that's not a marvel but madness. All that show with overproduction just bring doomsday faster.

  115. Luca Filmt

    Luca Filmt20 kun oldin

    Die gute alte Rewe Kasse bei 2:09

  116. Haseebullah Khan

    Haseebullah Khan20 kun oldin

    Did he just call Oreos "fresh" product?