How to Illegally Cross the Mexico-US Border

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive


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  1. Abraham Fuentes

    Abraham Fuentes53 daqiqa oldin

    the dislikes are not that notasable, but they are kinda

  2. Rain Raisins

    Rain Raisins8 soat oldin

    4:54 My parents immigrated from Honduras in 1990 (well over 20 years ago) and they came with a group led by a “smuggler” (AKA el coyote). According to them, the hardest part of the journey was the trip through Mexico because Mexican border agents would deport anyone who wasn’t a Mexican citizen and would stop vans to question the people inside (ironic, isn’t it?). So the coyote had given the migrants a fake Mexican identity. You had to know which city you were “from”,what field you worked in, the name of your mayor, the name of the president, etc. Since this was pre-9/11, once they entered Arizona on foot, they walked to the nearest highway and a bus run by the coyote took them all to an airport where they had tickets waiting. One plane trip later and they arrived in D.C.

  3. Marko Pavković

    Marko Pavković8 soat oldin

    we need to build a wall

  4. Kaslin Govender

    Kaslin Govender16 soat oldin

    The FBI watching this video like 👀👀👀

  5. Autodidactic Artisan

    Autodidactic ArtisanKun oldin

    My cousin who is an engineer with a degree makes 4 times as much washing dishes in California than he does designing industrial cnc lathes in Mexico. My uncle who owns 100s of acres of land with historical Spanish missions built on them comes up here to work as a cook. Down there hes the richest man in town, up here he makes eggs Benedict for college kids.

  6. Firaro

    Firaro2 kun oldin

    Is maximal immigration good for the recipient country? I suspect there's an optimum number of immigrants, and i suspect that number lies below the maximum, at least for the US. I wouldn't be surprised if countries with a lower maximum have it where the optimum number is greater than the maximum

  7. Dos de Yamaguchi

    Dos de Yamaguchi2 kun oldin

    propaganda, unsubbed

  8. BlizzardBlizzardBlizzard

    BlizzardBlizzardBlizzard2 kun oldin

    11:04 Why does the sign also include a Chinese translation? Surely there are practically zero cases of Chinese immigrants travelling from China to Mexico then trying to enter the USA via the border wall - that'd be a stupid and convoluted pathway. Seems like they deliberately included it just so it wouldn't seem like the sign was singling out South Americans.

  9. M W

    M W3 kun oldin

    In actuality every citizen in America aged 16 to 45 and is able bodied is required to KNOW their way around A gun and be properly trained 2 be part of their state's "unorganized militia" that can be called on by their governor in times of crisis such as invasion or riots :-) the national guard is considered "organized malitia". The federal government In the Constitution is charged with defending each state of the Union from being invaded and Biden is not honoring his responsibilities. our border states Have every right to defend their borders from invasion and do not have to communicate with the federal government about making such decisions if the filler state is Endangered. Also the federal government has no right to regulate any kind of firearms in the States, those powers are placed specifically in each state. I suggest you and everyone contact your governors and have them to call up their local Unorganized militias and volunteer their assistance down to the borders statesThus, a governor has the constitutional authority to call forth the militia independent of the California Legislature. The conditions under which a governor can call forth the militia is spelled out in California’s Military and Veterans Code. Section 146 grants a governor the authority to: “[C]all into active service any portion of the active militia as may be necessary, and if the number available be insufficient, the Governor may call into active service any portion of the unorganized militia as may be necessary, in any of the following events: a) In case of war, insurrection, rebellion, invasion, tumult, riot, breach of the peace, public calamity or catastrophe, including, but not limited to, catastrophic fires, or other emergency, or imminent danger thereof, or resistance to the laws of this state or the United States.”

  10. M W

    M W3 kun oldin

    I'm serious! Every person that reads this go to your local mayor & your local sheriff..bring to their attention that in each SOVEREIGN state's constitution, The governor has the power to call upon the civilian "UNorganized" Militia. During a disaster/state of emergency, To prevent invasions, Disperse Rioters that disrupt the peace In their community or give Property And civilians protection. Governor Has the duty to their citizens safety & the power to call upon their local chapters of "unorganized" militias, instead Of their "organized" militias which is the National Guard... Without even Consulting the federal government, President, or Congress.

  11. CSN

    CSN4 kun oldin

    0:58 And 36,999,998 of them cheer for Mexico when they play the U.S. in ⚽.

  12. Stephen

    Stephen4 kun oldin

    We accept 1 million people a year. That is more than any other country. We have laws limiting immigration because we would be overwhelmed.

  13. Ron

    Ron5 kun oldin

    We can't let everyone who wants to enter in. A country needs to have standards of entry. There should be quotas and people should not be a drain on public services. That being said we should allow for a certain number of refugees.

  14. Jerry Lynn Miller

    Jerry Lynn Miller6 kun oldin

    The US border is open to anyone in the world so come one come all! That is what the people voted for and we want to please our voters.

  15. Horrible4

    Horrible49 kun oldin

    I disagree that illegal immigration isn't a problem with the countries they come from. That should be a rather obvious falsehood. Why would you discount the source of where the problem is coming from? You can point fingers as much as you want, but there ARE countries out there that are worse than the United States, believe it or not. As much as the media likes to make the United States out to be the most flawed country in the world, people wouldn't being immigrating to it in droves if the countries they were coming from were amazing and so much superior than the States. If those countries were actually nice to live in, had fair pay and ran their countries properly, they wouldn't feel the need to immigrate at all. Just admit the places they're immigrating from are crummy and inferior, it's not that hard. Could the immigration system be better? Absolutely, but it's not like the United States doesn't try to let people immigrate, it's another autonomous country with its own problems and its own people. To place blame on them for "not letting the entire country move in so they can get money from the States" is misguided and borderline disinformation trying to pin the blame on the immigration system for not being up to your standards. The problem lies in the countries they come from.

  16. Rock Fish

    Rock Fish9 kun oldin

    Thiers more people just in California ,,, then in Canada

  17. 🅱️RAVE girl🎀

    🅱️RAVE girl🎀9 kun oldin

    13:38 😓

  18. David R. Stone

    David R. Stone9 kun oldin

    ❌ Over 1 million illegals have entered the USA 🇺🇸 under incompetent Joe Biden and Kamala Harris failed policies 👎🏻

  19. by3XOTIC_64 CH

    by3XOTIC_64 CH10 kun oldin

    Is it illegal to go the other way?

  20. Winnie De Pooh

    Winnie De Pooh11 kun oldin

    I can tell that there's alot of illegal immigrants watching this video 😲

  21. Spidge Bandersnatch

    Spidge Bandersnatch12 kun oldin

    So you drop the comment at the very end that Canada has a reasonable social solution to the social problem of illegal immigration and the US does not. So what specifically is the source of the problem and how do we solve it? You brushed right past that. No references, either. Unsubstantiated editorializing. And no, we have no obligation to give opportunities to ALL. If we did that, we would blow up our welfare and safety net system and deprive actual citizens of their tax dollars and attendant benefits. If you're arguing that an American migrating to Canada is equally likely to be poor, uneducated, unable to speak the host country's language, and unskilled as a central American migrant to the US, you're just wrong. And if you disagree, then let's see the data. What are the comparative educational achievements and socioeconomic indicators of Mexico-US migrants vs. American-Canada migrants? Comparing the southern border to the northern border is wildly fallacious. Next up: how to get people who didn't go to college to pay for your college, even though you'll make 80% more money than they will.

  22. Bobbyz World

    Bobbyz World12 kun oldin

    Disgusting people

  23. Daniel Drayet

    Daniel Drayet13 kun oldin

    Man the cartel are gonna be mad that you revealed their tunnels

  24. Karen Holmes

    Karen Holmes14 kun oldin

    Try coming in legal!

  25. Christian Cedillo

    Christian Cedillo12 kun oldin

    Did you watch the video? There’s really no pathway to come in legally if you’re from mexico

  26. pardon Mafunga

    pardon Mafunga15 kun oldin

    What i have been look for. Thanks

  27. ifitsnotBricks itsBlocks

    ifitsnotBricks itsBlocks15 kun oldin

    It was so easy! Once I explained to border patrol that I was crossing from the U.S to Mexico they just let me on my way. Don't know what all the fuss was about but I sure met a lot of Mexicans coming the other way.

  28. Basil Odira

    Basil Odira16 kun oldin

    This turned out to be actually very good and educational video on now desperate this journey can be for these immigrants.

  29. Sara Sternman

    Sara Sternman16 kun oldin

    Milton Friedman said years ago that the war on drugs will only consolidate power to the cartels. A sad prophecy.

  30. Jalan Jude Casem

    Jalan Jude Casem16 kun oldin

    Thank you now i can go to mexico for free

  31. Miles Rout

    Miles Rout16 kun oldin

    The US should promise to operate a decent legal migration system as soon as everyone that's ever crossed the border illegally agrees to go back where they came from. And what a stupid victim-blaming message you propose. This is just terrorism: you MUST change your immigration system, or we'll just ignore the law and cross anyway.

  32. Ronda Gish

    Ronda Gish17 kun oldin

    Send them all back. We do not want them. Our tax money should be spent on us not some criminal. SEND THEM ALL BACK to fix their own issues

  33. Tracy Martinez

    Tracy Martinez18 kun oldin

    Invite everyone in and lèt them destroy everything who cares anymore

  34. Shubham Kamboj

    Shubham Kamboj18 kun oldin

    How many Punjabi's are watching this?

  35. Logan Buckley

    Logan Buckley19 kun oldin

    XXX XXXX XXX Just found out UZnick can censor your social security number

  36. Tuong Tran

    Tuong Tran19 kun oldin

    *Mexican has joined the chat*

  37. Customer Service

    Customer Service20 kun oldin

    Mexicans are Continental Americans. They didn't migrate from anywhere.

  38. Mihai Bujor

    Mihai Bujor20 kun oldin

    Great message at the end

  39. Jintaro Kensei

    Jintaro Kensei21 kun oldin

    This would work on any border tho

  40. MegaDJcubano

    MegaDJcubano21 kun oldin

    We can not give legal status to every one becouse then out conutry become a dump.

  41. Kartik K

    Kartik K21 kun oldin

    thanks for the tutorial, will try tomorrow night around 2am.

  42. Mitzi Anderson

    Mitzi Anderson22 kun oldin

    I'd never want to live in Canada.

  43. bobux man

    bobux man20 kun oldin

    why not its great here

  44. Sharad gautam

    Sharad gautam21 kun oldin

    Why its cheaper than usa

  45. Blue Apple

    Blue Apple23 kun oldin

    The U.S is doomed anyway so let it be.I gave up on the U.S. based on how everything is backwards and our politicians are just taking the country down in just about every subject you can think of.

  46. R N

    R N24 kun oldin

    Great ! Now we know where to send the the Angel of Death.

  47. Zhaokui Fang

    Zhaokui Fang26 kun oldin

    There is no point to compare US immigration system to Canada's. US is a shield for Canada and Canada does not have to impose to some policies which make them look ugly.

  48. Sue Krayer

    Sue Krayer26 kun oldin

    Thank you for this very thoughtful perspective

  49. Virginia Lover Productions

    Virginia Lover Productions27 kun oldin

    Hol' up....

  50. RJRhoades1

    RJRhoades129 kun oldin

    You state many “facts” with no material backing them up. This is typical inflammatory media. I USED to respect your material. No more. Do your research and present the unbiased truth, not commy propoganda!

  51. Lazys The Dank Engineer

    Lazys The Dank Engineer22 kun oldin

    He backs them up in the description

  52. Aron puma

    Aron puma26 kun oldin

    Check the description and it is just full of sources about the information he's talking about lol. Don't like the facts he's talking about? Well, that's too bad. It's the way the world is.

  53. Sniping Cow

    Sniping Cow28 kun oldin

    Lol clown alert

  54. Diego Mendoza

    Diego MendozaOy oldin

    I will not disclose my reasoning but I feel like that 55-85% failure rate for crossing illegally ain’t very accurate

  55. Lazys The Dank Engineer

    Lazys The Dank Engineer22 kun oldin

    If you don't disclose your reasoning, your opinion is invalid

  56. DT NA

    DT NAOy oldin

    So sad, but true....

  57. Mr. Salamanca

    Mr. SalamancaOy oldin

    Trafalgar Law from One Piece would really make a nice paycheck on this border transporting those immigrants with his devil fruit ability.

  58. Erik Robinson

    Erik RobinsonOy oldin

    Don't mind me just an american seeing how to do this in case i need to escape because a civil war starts.

  59. Carlos Doumerc

    Carlos DoumercOy oldin

    Me, a US citizen living in Mexico: *Interesting*

  60. A Rome

    A RomeOy oldin

    My dad and so many of my uncles made the journey over the border.

  61. Sniping Cow

    Sniping Cow28 kun oldin

    @shanidar people just want a better life bro

  62. shanidar

    shanidarOy oldin

    Bragging that you are a criminal. I hope that La Migra is part of your immediate future.

  63. Almahnak12

    Almahnak12Oy oldin

    step 1: illegally cross the Mexican border step 2: profit

  64. Jim1971a

    Jim1971aOy oldin

    Not “Tiajuana”, but Tijuana. You added and extra vowel when saying it.



    America needs to fix the problems in u.s. stop worrying about other countries americans are being killed everyday by cops sworn to protect them by their own government its time the 🇺🇸 u.s. start bringing jobs back to the American people when the citizen are strong healthy able to take care of themselves and family then the country is powerful.. Not saying that people in other countries are not important as jesus said... You must take the splinter out of your own eye before you can take the splinter out of your neighbors eye....we the people are the ones paying taxes our money is going to these countries what do these countries do for us the american people??? We should be deciding where our money goes...our military should be controlling our boarders... Those illegals should be returned to their countries am sick an tired having illegals tell me i am born bread in to go back to my country... This is my country its not yours and when you visit some one home you have to be respectful i get piss these illegals dnt dare fight for their rights in their own country they dnt have balls want to come to my country fight for rights?? I say get the fk atta here... Close the boarders period...

  66. nocturnal cat

    nocturnal catOy oldin

    imagine goin to the usa and then discovering it may have been a waste of time..

  67. Geography Nuts

    Geography NutsOy oldin

    Didn't Trump build a wall and Mexico paid for it.

  68. Coria

    CoriaOy oldin

    As a mexican myself i can assure you that fckin wall was just a bad joke by that clown

  69. Geography Nuts

    Geography NutsOy oldin

    @E tin Just joking, he said he was going to do it but it didn't happen.

  70. E tin

    E tinOy oldin

    That's just messed up

  71. SHIBBY

    SHIBBYOy oldin

    Just be Mexican and cross it if you are American u can cross it both sides without issue it’s not like the Mexican border patrol exists

  72. A Man Online

    A Man OnlineOy oldin

    The United States government: 👀

  73. Chief 2Rivers

    Chief 2RiversOy oldin

    You wanna know how the cartel gets people in the US? They fly them to Canada and then just walk into the US

  74. Dr Beb8

    Dr Beb8Oy oldin

    Excuse me, can i take that route with my B1/B2 border crossing visa?

  75. Saint Arj

    Saint ArjOy oldin

    I wonder how many people he helped immigrate from mexico to the US

  76. No sorry

    No sorryOy oldin

    I would love to see the geographic stats for this video

  77. David Elet

    David EletOy oldin

    I knew the Trumpists would vote this down.

  78. SwiftVogel

    SwiftVogel27 kun oldin

    @David Elet yeah, it's showing how to illegaly get into my country. I don't like that. In fact, I dislike that. That a why I disliked

  79. David Elet

    David EletOy oldin

    @SwiftVogel but the video was well made right, so no reason to downvote?

  80. SwiftVogel

    SwiftVogelOy oldin

    You don't have to support trump to not like illegal foreigners in your country

  81. sandeep sharma

    sandeep sharmaOy oldin


  82. Tina the Pitbull

    Tina the PitbullOy oldin

    6:40 shameful... shame.

  83. Tina the Pitbull

    Tina the PitbullOy oldin

    More Mexicans in the United States than the entire population of Canada. No wonder Americans don't like Mexicans. They are wonderful people except for the men. They carry this bad tough attitude do anything you want attitude instead of being grateful for being in our country when the majority got here illegally.

  84. Mohsen Almazaragy

    Mohsen AlmazaragyOy oldin

    I can risk alone but not with my kids although I don't have any

  85. Harry Again

    Harry AgainOy oldin

    Why are these Central American countries such schiet holes? The people.That's why the Yanks don't want them.

  86. Lazys The Dank Engineer

    Lazys The Dank Engineer22 kun oldin

    Are you sure it's not because we sponsored dictatorships during the cold war because communists are scary?

  87. E tin

    E tinOy oldin

    I love immigrants ❤ they are the nicest people and they are helpful

  88. Eric Khan

    Eric KhanOy oldin

    or we can make mexico great

  89. aprendizmetalero 666

    aprendizmetalero 666Oy oldin

    We’re Mexicans, they teach us to cross the border illegally since middle school

  90. Coria

    CoriaOy oldin

    esa vaina que we

  91. KB

    KBOy oldin

    Don't these illegal migrants watch Bear Grylls before crossing the border?

  92. Nesta M

    Nesta MOy oldin

    Ah yes don’t help them that might make them die later.

  93. Emilio Mota

    Emilio MotaOy oldin

    I’m on the same level as Gucci Mane...I can never go to Canada....people don’t understand how hard it is to even visit Canada if you have a legal history.....shit is weak

  94. aimASSIST2K

    aimASSIST2KOy oldin

    Imagine risking your life to cross the border only to enter (according to the liberals) the most racist country OF ALL TIME 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  95. aimASSIST2K

    aimASSIST2K22 kun oldin

    @Lazys The Dank Engineer I’m sure there are plenty of leftist republicans right 😂😂😂

  96. Lazys The Dank Engineer

    Lazys The Dank Engineer22 kun oldin

    @aimASSIST2K Ask literally any leftist. They're not liberals. Liberals are Democrats and the like.

  97. aimASSIST2K

    aimASSIST2K22 kun oldin

    @Lazys The Dank Engineer why don’t you edit your one sentence again and focus on the content, not the label of liberal and/or leftist. They both believe in opening the borders. Not very many people identify as leftist, if you ask, they will say they are liberal. When in fact they are leftist. Nice try though buddy.

  98. Lazys The Dank Engineer

    Lazys The Dank Engineer22 kun oldin

    @aimASSIST2K Calling a liberal a leftist is as dumb as calling a libertarian a confederate.

  99. aimASSIST2K

    aimASSIST2K22 kun oldin

    @Lazys The Dank Engineer same same bud

  100. Code Red

    Code RedOy oldin

    How shit does your country have to be to risk death to leave it? But, the US is still evil and needs to be more like the country they're escaping right?

  101. Lazys The Dank Engineer

    Lazys The Dank Engineer22 kun oldin

    What do you mean?


    MKP BEEHIVEOy oldin


  103. Elisha Habinsky

    Elisha HabinskyOy oldin

    why is the narrative comparing US average income to Mexico when most of the illegal migrants are from Hondurus and El Salvador?

  104. E tin

    E tinOy oldin

    Yesss periodddt glad they crossed the boarder

  105. Minh Khoa Nguyen

    Minh Khoa NguyenOy oldin

    DHS: Interesting...

  106. jeremy lorentz

    jeremy lorentzOy oldin

    After watching this I remember there was a national geographic about children in South America the real homeless, about 22,000 the same number that are here. The president can't reunite those children because they have no families with families because they're all orphans so we should charge that South American country for these children and if they don't help put sanctions on that country.

  107. Ethan O. McBride

    Ethan O. McBrideOy oldin

    Immigration is a human right🖖 There’s no good reason for borders in the NAFTA zone

  108. Mikey

    MikeyOy oldin

    This is stupid, it's not a how to video at all

  109. Sebastian Orozco

    Sebastian OrozcoOy oldin

    I HATE illegal aliens. Stay in your country.

  110. Sniping Cow

    Sniping Cow28 kun oldin

    I love immigrants they cool and u a clown.

  111. just videos

    just videosOy oldin

    @Sebastian Orozco native American? I am native American and you white are living in my country

  112. Sebastian Orozco

    Sebastian OrozcoOy oldin

    @Coria yea I am American what’s your point?

  113. Coria

    CoriaOy oldin

    yeah look who's talking, the american called "sebastian orozco"

  114. E tin

    E tinOy oldin

    @X P none he is white

  115. mrletsplayit

    mrletsplayitOy oldin

    Update for the Biden presidency: Fucking walk across

  116. X P

    X POy oldin

    More illegal immigration under Trump Bush and Reagan than under Biden Obama and Clinton

  117. Scott Farner

    Scott FarnerOy oldin

    And that didn't start under Biden.

  118. John Smith

    John SmithOy oldin

    Why don't the Mexicans go to Canada? I get the feeling that they don't fit the criteria.

  119. Coria

    Coria22 kun oldin

    @John Smith Well yeah you're right, that's why my uncle moved to Canada instead us

  120. Lazys The Dank Engineer

    Lazys The Dank Engineer22 kun oldin

    They do, but when you're fleeing a war or drug crisis, you usually can't afford a plane ticket (which would be the only way to canada without passing through the U.S.

  121. John Smith

    John SmithOy oldin

    @Coria I'm pretty sure if Mexicans fit the criteria for migrating legally to Canada they'd do so in droves.

  122. Coria

    CoriaOy oldin

    Maybe cuz canada is even much far away than us?

  123. Noah Deer

    Noah DeerOy oldin

    ya, people don't cross the US-Canada border illegally because they don't want to...not a comparable example buddy

  124. christopher reid

    christopher reidOy oldin

    John 3:16-21 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. 19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. 21 But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

  125. dirtdude

    dirtdudeOy oldin

    can i visit mexico and then sneak back in to America like a thief in the night and then get free housing subsidies and free medical care and free welfare and free bus pass and twice as much covid relief stimulus and preferential treatment at job interviews?

  126. X P

    X POy oldin

    No, because no one gets that Keep swallowing the MSM koolaid if you want tho

  127. Jack Napier

    Jack NapierOy oldin

    Shouldn't the title be changed since it's basically legal now?

  128. X P

    X POy oldin

    Found the brainwashed sheep ☝

  129. GeneralStryker

    GeneralStrykerOy oldin

    This is what conservatives will never understand. These people are the ultimate pursuers of the American dream. They risk everything to travel across harsh environments, to a country where they might not know the language and a country that hates them, all to attempt to secure a better life for them and their family. Of course these people would rather come legally. But it's simply not an option. And hey they come, work low-wage, shitty jobs, and try their best to improve their living conditions.

  130. E tin

    E tinOy oldin

    This is fax

  131. Constancio Rosellini

    Constancio RoselliniOy oldin

    US-Americans do not have the moral quality to label Mexicans illegal, when they were the first illegals in the Mexican province of Texas in the 19th century.

  132. X P

    X POy oldin

    @YEETMAN5656 except it literally was, moron

  133. YEETMAN5656

    YEETMAN5656Oy oldin

    I dont think mexico was a country back then

  134. Ostentatiousnessness

    Ostentatiousnessness2 oy oldin

    I love how the Tijuana-San Diego tunnel was basically a WWI trench network

  135. The Liamster

    The Liamster29 kun oldin

    Some drug smuggling tunnels have lighting, ventilation and even tracks for carts.

  136. FUSS

    FUSS2 oy oldin

    We can't take millions of immigrants in to the country at a time😭 We gotta look out for the country and the people already in it. Many of country's have citizens who live terrible lives like many parte of Africa it's just how it is sure we could help the issues in these country's but bringing millions into ours isn't a viable option.

  137. X P

    X POy oldin

    Maybe they should go back to Europe then

  138. Harrison Stinnette

    Harrison Stinnette2 oy oldin

    My American kids won’t have a job because of illegal immigration 😴

  139. Sniping Cow

    Sniping Cow28 kun oldin


  140. X P

    X POy oldin

    Harrison Snowflakette

  141. jh

    jhOy oldin

    Some dumb kids you got then. Educate them more lol

  142. Risky AI

    Risky AI2 oy oldin

    How about make Mexico territory of USA? Mexican should rally and ask Biden to take over Mexico. Let all these people come over to USA to seek work that Americans are not willing to do it. Take Over Guatemala and Costa Rica too. Then improvise them by the help of their citizens.

  143. Jan D.

    Jan D.2 oy oldin

    Its beautiful that people want to help people that just want a better life. even tho they arent alive. water in the desert

  144. Kool

    Kool2 oy oldin

    hispanic tutorial: step one: tell your dad

  145. YoungSandwich

    YoungSandwich2 oy oldin

    Maybe don't be stupid and cross illegally if you die don't blame it on America that's your own choice

  146. YoungSandwich

    YoungSandwichOy oldin

    @X P they didn't own this land

  147. X P

    X POy oldin

    @young which Native American tribe are you?

  148. brndnii

    brndnii2 oy oldin

    yeah so you americans shouldn’t get mad when people are here illegally successfully

  149. michael hartle

    michael hartle2 oy oldin

    The US takes in more both Legal and Illegal people than any other country so the US is not the Bad Guy for not overwhelming their tax base and debasing their own pay scale and diluting their culture with those not studing the Constitution and passing test and swearing to defend it, and don't come to get crap from the Goverment (us citizens taxes). We also give more money both by government and individuals to poor countries. We are not the bad guys for wanting order. Disorder causes human trafficking , kids used to bring adults in that are not their parents, gangs members, and drugs flowing in, etc etc. It does not matter how long they have to wait. How long does a mexican have to wait to get into Germany legally??

  150. michael hartle

    michael hartleOy oldin

    @X P That's dump. No country on earth allows the whole world into there country. Europe tried it and stopped it as it was bankrupting them, and their woman were being abused by man from cultures that disrespected woman and gays.

  151. X P

    X POy oldin

    Which Native American tribe are you Michael?

  152. brndnii

    brndnii2 oy oldin

    even illegals pay taxes so... using ITIN