How Long-Haul Trucking Works

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  1. The Nothing

    The Nothing2 soat oldin

    Autonomous trucks? Yeah, good luck with that. Electric trucks pulling 40 tons? Keep dreaming about that hoverboard, McFly.

  2. Nat

    Nat13 soat oldin

    Shout out to all of us Truck drivers 🚚🚛

  3. John Leitaker

    John LeitakerKun oldin

    Thinking we’re going to have self driving trucks we’re about 40 years away I fell for it to all that crap about truck companies being ready to buy these trucks was all crap to get stock investors they are so far away trucking jobs are safe

  4. krazyhippy

    krazyhippy2 kun oldin

    As a truck driver, they can stick their self-driving trucks where the sun doesn't shine. Yea, let's take away a person career, sounds like a great idea.

  5. Resat Ozturan

    Resat Ozturan3 kun oldin

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  7. JM RB

    JM RB5 kun oldin

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  8. Robben OG

    Robben OG9 kun oldin

    Euro or US truck simulator explained

  9. ghtgf fgry

    ghtgf fgry9 kun oldin

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  10. QP300

    QP30010 kun oldin

    Being a freight driver in Denmark, I don't see myself being unemployed before I take my pension in about 30 years from now. I deliver to about 30 different customers a day, where I am doing the unloading. One pallet here, three pallets there, a package to a residential area or a wooden box to a shop. It would be impossible to deliver driverless because: A) The customers are used to the service we provide. B) You would have a greater risk of wrong deliveries IF the customers were to unload themselves. C) You would have a higher risk of theft, as some customers might be tempted to take their competitors goods. D) The customers might not have the equipment to unload - whereas I carry both a pallet trolly AND a normal trolly. E) Some companies have their delivery entrance from a different street than what's on the manifest. I know that, a computer doesn't. F) I know where exactly to go when I reach the customer. A computer doesn't. Yes, on long haul trucking from warehouse to warehouse, self driving trucks might be a good idea, but for the final delivery to the customer - at least in my country and probably most of Europe - it would not work. There is simply too many obstacles.

  11. zoolzool1

    zoolzool111 kun oldin

    Self driving big rigs? And when the computer wigs out and the truck overrides 10 cars killing 18 people in the process, what then? Multiple companies sued for hundreds of millions and go bankrupt. Great job! 🙄 Stupid humans doing anything to save a buck.

  12. hawk6978

    hawk697811 kun oldin

    I strongly urge all you Professional Drivers to quit any company that has incab cameras!

  13. Tom Thumb

    Tom Thumb11 kun oldin

    Dumb video based on incorrect assumptions.

  14. MagicLuver101

    MagicLuver10111 kun oldin

    One thing you are missing in this video is the fact that there is also a shortage of truck drivers. Driving has an extremely high turn over rate and the pay is not high enough for the work put in for most. Most people who try driving quit with in the first year. We can't funtion without them but we pay them like shit.

  15. soulshinobi

    soulshinobi12 kun oldin

    Disappointing not to see footage of the inside of a truck cabin on this.

  16. genotaur

    genotaur12 kun oldin

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  17. WZC ZOMBIES5114

    WZC ZOMBIES511412 kun oldin


  18. WZC ZOMBIES5114

    WZC ZOMBIES511412 kun oldin

    not being rude but this sucks

  19. genotaur

    genotaur12 kun oldin

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  20. Bill Hughes

    Bill Hughes12 kun oldin


  21. Ian Stewart

    Ian Stewart12 kun oldin

    Huge shout out to the NOVA SCOTIA welcome sign at 10:59. WE MADE IT!! WE'RE ON UZnick!!! 2021, BABY!!!

  22. Avaskills

    Avaskills9 kun oldin


  23. marchaudiscool l

    marchaudiscool l9 kun oldin

    everyone else comment sucks like Stewart comment!

  24. haydens sexy

    haydens sexy9 kun oldin


  25. haydens sexy

    haydens sexy9 kun oldin

    you go

  26. Broadway Covergirl

    Broadway Covergirl12 kun oldin

    I did not think people would actually reply 😂 Hello Mr.Stew money

  27. SeanKillmaster

    SeanKillmaster14 kun oldin

    $0.35/mile? Damn, I guess I got lucky with getting hired out of school at $0.46, huh

  28. Milen Penchev

    Milen Penchev13 kun oldin

    that's cheap. I know people who pay $.70/mile to the driver.

  29. Dorothy Longhkbset

    Dorothy Longhkbset15 kun oldin

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  30. Aldy Habibie

    Aldy Habibie16 kun oldin

    From here there is a bright future for those who became a specialist in Computer science as the demand for technological advancement skyrocketed but even then.. After its done, the technology we created might replaces the creator themselves. Maybe there is a future where you can depend solely on an A.I that can solves technical problems, creates computer programs or network systems with higher efficiency and more consistent pace. Maybe there even be an A.I that can fix other A.I or even better, There might be a future where an A.I can creates an upgrade on their own system. When that time comes, Even us Computer science specialist and robotics expert can be a dying breed and we will be like the humans in Wall-E eventually..

  31. Joy Dunlap

    Joy Dunlap16 kun oldin

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  32. Richard Butt

    Richard Butt17 kun oldin

    The issue with self driving OTR trucks isn't just the driving, but dealing with hazards and possible bad situations. On top of that, making turns correctly, backing in trailers, and being generally aware of how big a semi with trailer is and how they handle. Unless trailers get sensors put on them all companies would have is a self driving car that could haul a trailer. In my honest opinion self driving platforms that move containers around are a closer solution to the trucker shortage, than autonomous semitrucks are. Just my opinion though.

  33. Kevin Bos

    Kevin Bos18 kun oldin

    USA truck weight limits are way to low and they should allow trucks too pull 2 full trailers this would cut down on the amount of trucks on the road

  34. Tsuki Akurei

    Tsuki Akurei19 kun oldin

    10:37 Too bad that the money these freight companies will be saving on these innovations won't be reflected in the end-price for the consumer. It's just going straight into the pockets of shareholders. Eat the rich.

  35. Stephen Howard

    Stephen Howard19 kun oldin

    12hrs in Australia, or 14 if u have fatigue management accreditation

  36. Fizz is GG

    Fizz is GG19 kun oldin

    Great video, I argue that driving won't be replaced by autonomy for a long while or even ever.

  37. trash hauler

    trash hauler20 kun oldin

    Fully autonomous vehicles will not be a thing until either all vehicles are autonomous or they have their own dedicated Lanes the amount of accidents will be astonishing not to mention the amount of hacks it will go on will blow your fucking mind you're about 50 years from self-driving trucks taking over the industry

  38. trash hauler

    trash hauler20 kun oldin

    I'm not entirely sure who the fuck research is this shit but you are wrong on so many levels the average driver pay is not $0.35 a mile it's about 50 cents a mile

  39. KeyStone CowBoy

    KeyStone CowBoy21 kun oldin

    Edit this please. Most truck stops don't have much more than showers, and laundry. Also most trucks don't have tvs, fridges, microwaves.. Those are only people that own their trucks, or work for companies that allow them to have them.

  40. serial gen

    serial gen22 kun oldin

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  41. J PR

    J PR23 kun oldin

    Autonomous vehicles, controlled/piloted by remote “pilots” (like the remote piloted drones that the military has used for years), will likely be the standard approach to mitigate risks via multiple levels of controls.

  42. jacky mai

    jacky mai23 kun oldin

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  43. Longy661

    Longy66123 kun oldin

    American trucks are tiny. Youd never see a 3 or 4 trailer truck getting down the highway

  44. chris l

    chris l25 kun oldin

    Until one of these wipes out a school bus...

  45. Kris Wustrow

    Kris Wustrow26 kun oldin

    ...and yet, there is a massive truck driver shortage in the USA.

  46. 1allanbmw

    1allanbmw27 kun oldin

    40 yrs of driving and THIS is how 1.5mil ppl learn about long haul? Sadly yes, it's a race now, since nobody young wants to replace us old guys, and the nerds can't get the autonomous stuff to function fast enough. There really isn't any happy median however since us live drivers will always be underpaid and the wow-we tech stuff will always be over priced and promise more than it's capable of. Good luck with that everybody!

  47. subash gamer

    subash gamer28 kun oldin

    Make Tesla truck but don't make automatic please. I want to become trucker

  48. Charles McAllister

    Charles McAllisterOy oldin

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  49. Amrut Atre

    Amrut AtreOy oldin

    Truckers world over deserve a lot of respect. They keep the world moving.

  50. aegian48

    aegian48Oy oldin

    To sum up the ending: “The industrial revolution and its consequences...”

  51. Norma Florence

    Norma FlorenceOy oldin

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  52. LittleTimmyJr

    LittleTimmyJrOy oldin

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  53. Hugh P. Ness

    Hugh P. NessOy oldin

    Autonomous trucks are far far from reality.

  54. Xing Shen

    Xing ShenOy oldin

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  55. Newton

    NewtonOy oldin

    What a horrible job. All the more kudos to them.

  56. EagleLogic

    EagleLogicOy oldin

    Can’t have self driving trucks. Look at the colonial pipeline Cyber attack. You hack an 80,000 lb truck and crash it into a crowd of people or perhaps hack an oil tanker and drive it into god knows what. It’s an awful combination that will likely have catastrophic impacts. Use an alternative energy source, land hold and cruise control is fine, but there needs to be a professional driver ready to take over at all times. This should be obvious.

  57. EagleLogic

    EagleLogicOy oldin

    I have a friend who hauls FedEx doubles with a teammate and he said it’s pretty miserable but insanely good pay.

  58. wolfrig2000

    wolfrig2000Oy oldin

    It's not worth teaming. EVER. The system that would solve the otr/sleeper problem would be hubs, if there was a hub every 300 miles, a driver could drive a loaded trailer from a hub to another hub, drop that trailer, pick up another trailer going the opposite direction, you wouldn't need a sleeper but could cover 600 miles every single day and be home every night for every driver. This also makes it so you can use electric trucks as you'll park them for 14 hours in the same space every night and some runs could be automated, you can have a self driving truck pull out of Hub #1, arrive at Hub #2 and just pull in, have a minimum wage employee with no experience drop the trailer, push a button for the self driving truck to pull away and go do it's own thing, then have a crane or yard driver move the trailers for unloading

  59. Mayur Suryawanshi

    Mayur SuryawanshiOy oldin

    Population is rising, jobs are decreasing ☹️

  60. ukanduet

    ukanduetOy oldin

    Glad I am not in the trucking industry anymore. The old days were a lot of fun. I am now involved in the precious metals business and glad of it.

  61. Davinderpal Singh Thind

    Davinderpal Singh ThindOy oldin

    This looks so easy on computer. Try to figure this out when sitting in truck. Driver less truck are never going to make it. If they have crash 💥 there be big sue from victims.

  62. bozza 2

    bozza 2Oy oldin

    i don’t think they will fully shift to autonomous trucks

  63. Sean Sharmz

    Sean SharmzOy oldin

    long haul to 2089

  64. Ostentatiousnessness

    Ostentatiousnessness2 oy oldin

    “My name is Android 13 look at my trucker hat!”

  65. True Cerium

    True Cerium2 oy oldin

    A convoy existing of one manned lead truck and a couple non-manned following it on a marked route - wouldn´t that be a train??

  66. Don S

    Don S2 oy oldin

    To be honest with teams what we will do is switch off after 10hrs ( once the other driver has their 10hrs off) so it keeps from burning up our weekly hours. This guys info is okay but it also far from being accurate

  67. Don S

    Don S2 oy oldin

    The weight Restriction isn't really due to the weight. Its due to the brakes stopping abilities which are getting better and better.

  68. jr132

    jr1322 oy oldin

    This is a great video. I’ve been doing a lot of roads trips in the United States recently and the amount of trucks on the road is striking. I stayed across from a truck stop in Tucumcari New Mexico and I swear it had at thousands of trucks (it obviously didn’t).

  69. P. Enisenvi

    P. Enisenvi2 oy oldin

    You put a box on a truck and drive it a long distance. There you go I saved you 12 minutes.

  70. jsparky77

    jsparky772 oy oldin

    Its an overly simplistic look at the financials behind electric trucks. You need to look at the lifecycle as a whole - capital costs of electric vs diesel trucks, difference in maintenance costs (e.g. replacement battery packs, servicing, etc.). Just looking at fuel/electricity consumption is not adequate to draw the conclusions in this video.

  71. jen fan

    jen fan2 oy oldin

    The reason why lorry drivers is a dying breed is because it's a shit job, your treated like shit by the customer and the company you work for and by the police, the public and the ministry, when you get to the drop point or load point, you have to wait, if your early you have to wait, if your late the world ends and you have to wait... All good lorry drivers have found a better way to earn a living, the industry has got what they deserve.. Drivers shortage.

  72. Ruslan Sivak

    Ruslan Sivak2 oy oldin

    fewer stops, not less stops

  73. rubber ducky

    rubber ducky2 oy oldin

    Wait so truckers get paid 35 cents per mile but it costs 40 cents per mile for diesel, wut?

  74. adam cassar

    adam cassar2 oy oldin

    I live in Australia and I have not head of any trucking companies buying or using electric trucks yet. They would be very expensive to buy. And since you have to pull several tonnes of weight you would certainly need more batteries to supply the energy needed to do this than you would in an electric car. Again with the severe shortage of public charging points for electric veliches in this country they will be hard pressed to find one! And then you will have to wait for the batteris to be recharged which would take several hours for sure! So the truck driver will lose plenty of money while he waits for the batteries to recharged. And then Electric veliches can only go about 400 km before they need to be recharged again. And also about 80% of the power in Australia still comes from coal. so if you have to recharge 10 times to get from perth to sydney how long would the trip take you assuming there were recharging stations along the way. Maybe 20 days! compared to the 4 or 5 days current trucks take! These facts put a big hole in the argument that eletric trucks will happen any time soon!

  75. dknowles60

    dknowles602 oy oldin

    60 mph avg. not when hauling steel. very few trucks have the 500 plus hp to do it. also need a 70 mph truck and most trucks dont get that speed

  76. Fin .Reilly

    Fin .Reilly2 oy oldin

    These videos are utter nonsense. Most I've watched have outrageous stats and facts that are a million miles off the truth

  77. Silexpl

    Silexpl2 oy oldin

    I disagree with all attempts to make trucking hands free and all that electric crap. It's fine how it is now, if we keep going soon we'll be making clones of ourselves so we don't have to get out of bed. We're becoming a lazy world, instead of making everything controlled by robots just get off your ass and go to fucking work. I hate this electric stuff.

  78. harshit shah

    harshit shah2 oy oldin

    Truck trains! Pog!

  79. The Scrambler

    The Scrambler2 oy oldin

    I will sabotage any autonomous truck I see until I get caught and sent to prison 😂

  80. B Nap

    B Nap2 oy oldin

    I’m allowed to work for 16 hours or more as an auditor, unlimited hours. Some colleagues worked from 8am to 4am and started next workday 4 hours later. Even though our job is infinitely more stressful than trucking.

  81. B Nap

    B Nap2 oy oldin

    @2 8 No, employees in trucker firms don’t do auditing. You don’t seem to know what auditing is.

  82. B Nap

    B Nap2 oy oldin

    Have you ever been an auditor?

  83. B Nap

    B Nap2 oy oldin

    @2 8 Nope. Infinitely less stressful than being an auditor.

  84. Mister Hat

    Mister Hat2 oy oldin

    Bleh... Another VPN shill.

  85. Fido Lost

    Fido Lost2 oy oldin

    LOL. This documentary doesn't get any better when I try watching it again. It's quite oversimplified. 1. Teamed driving--even if drivers are married--is still not easy or indeed even possible after 32 to 48 hours on the road. You cannot get any decent sleep. It doesn't work. Period. 2. Self-driving or completely autonomous driving is never going to be permissible on ANY public roads, highway or city. People will sabotage the auto-driving vehicle and nudge it into the ditch or worse yet, a concrete railing. They simply don't GAF. And that's especially true if they're running late to a work site and some robotic monstrosity is blocking their progress. You know this will happen. You know it. 3. I can see the emergence of some sort of Uber micro-freight logistics. Because OTR trucking is longer a lucrative career. And the accident rates involving long haul trucks are skyrocketing. The long haul truck might get phased out entirely. And replaced by some sort of small van with tandem drive axles. 4. There are no highly refined amenities at truck stops. Far from it. They might have a few snacks and soda drinks. The showers are reportedly g-r-o-s-s. Dental facilities? Please, bro.

  86. TheLongDark

    TheLongDark2 oy oldin

    The technology for self-driving trucks is not as close to "ready for prime-time" as people think. We're at least fifteen years away from even thinking about legislating for unoccupied autonomous trucks. Source: I'm a business analyst for a logistics company. We aren't getting rid of truck drivers any time soon.

  87. Chinamon

    Chinamon2 oy oldin

    Yes let’s see a computer calculate what door there suppose to go too out of hundreds of them and give yard shacks there paper work and back a truck between 2 trailers with 1 1/2 in on each side

  88. kelly shima

    kelly shima2 oy oldin

    In South africa truckers drive for 24 hrs

  89. Caleb Holt

    Caleb Holt2 oy oldin

    I don't doubt that they're going to automate trucks and they're in the process of doing that right now I want you to think about something how many decades has the airline industry had autopilot and I haven't heard anything in the history books about the massive layoff a pilots and it would be far easier to automate the freight trainsbut there's no freight train Network in the world in any country has been automated so I want you to think drivers parts and railroad engineers their job is more than driving and flying

  90. ROICvsWACC

    ROICvsWACC2 oy oldin

    10:10 Tesla’s Semi may cut the energy costs by half but it’ll need to recharge often. So, I guess unless they develop tech to charge as fast as it takes to fuel up, Tesla trucks’ll be slower for long-haul (500 mile range vs avg OTR truckers doing ~700miles/day)

  91. ROICvsWACC

    ROICvsWACC2 oy oldin

    That convoy system will not be a big part of total trucking. How many people will need convoys of trucks all coming from one exact place to another.

  92. lawnboy1898

    lawnboy18982 oy oldin

    Me, a trucker, watching this video: *interesting*

  93. Delta-xFish

    Delta-xFish2 oy oldin

    We need more freight rail :)

  94. the mother of cats

    the mother of cats3 oy oldin


  95. sueannzeiger

    sueannzeiger3 oy oldin

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  96. A1 Driver

    A1 Driver3 oy oldin

    Half of what he's saying makes no sense. This will never happen for 75% or more of trucks on the road. A load from NY to LA would cost $550. Great, every company will be willing to spend $400,000 dollars or more on one of those trucks to make $1000 per week, maybe. That doesn't include break downs, repair costs, insurance, etc. This stuff is a joke. It won't happen for a long time yet, if ever.

  97. A1 Driver

    A1 Driver3 oy oldin

    In Canada we can drive 13 hours and have a total of 14 but if we take a 2 hour break somewhere with in our day, it extends our time to 16 before needing a minimum of 8 off.

  98. Brian James

    Brian James3 oy oldin

    Truck drivers are a divorce courts BEST friends.

  99. Shawn Walker

    Shawn Walker3 oy oldin

    Before these autonomous trucks take the road they had better fix most of these dam roads first !! Oh yeah sensors cant read a road with snow on them.

  100. Mordecai Oesterle

    Mordecai Oesterle3 oy oldin

    The fearful fearless weather theoretically pedal because willow coincidentally scribble as a imaginary lock. devilish, icy litter

  101. Mac Nachten

    Mac Nachten3 oy oldin

    I'd like to sit back and watch that autonomous truck leave the freight yards in downtown LA and make it to a warehouse in the money says with the way four wheelers are towards trucks it won't make it to the LA city limits before the computer has to explain to a cop why it was in a six car pile up!

  102. Mo Bandz

    Mo Bandz3 oy oldin

    This is the dumbest idea ever it’s like a train ? Humans will always be needed to deliver certain loads some roads are bad

  103. Eman Hamed

    Eman Hamed3 oy oldin

    Hmmm, if only we could make a road only for automated heavy vechiles, oh lets link each haul with another, oh let's make the engine at the front. make it stop to pick passengers maybe? oh there is something like that already? WHAT?? trains? what is that?

  104. Tommy P.

    Tommy P.3 oy oldin

    Electric trucks won't work. (With current or near future technology) Prove me wrong but battery powered trucks will never (in the near future) be able to go 1500 miles on a full battery, stop for 10 minutes to recharge, then go 1500 more miles and not break a sweat. All while pulling 44,000 pounds.

  105. Michael Ong

    Michael Ong3 oy oldin

    Brakes not breaks; fix your captions

  106. Bob Kruz

    Bob Kruz3 oy oldin

    Great video but company off on the .35/cpm pay to driver .. that was maybe the pay back in 2012

  107. Bendigo

    Bendigo3 oy oldin

    There are still companies paying that. Even less.

  108. Jack Nugent

    Jack Nugent3 oy oldin

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  109. Donald Jacobs

    Donald Jacobs3 oy oldin

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  110. Doc Dat

    Doc Dat3 oy oldin

    Nuclear power selfe driving trucks are cheaper in fuel and also wouldn't need a driver

  111. ୨ ୧

    ୨ ୧3 oy oldin

    I was expecting to learn about the scheduling and logistics of long haul transport. Misleading title.

  112. meh

    meh3 oy oldin

    I hope Boeing is in charge of self driving trucks. >.>

  113. Benjamin Mondi

    Benjamin Mondi3 oy oldin

    When you play American Truck Simulator you'll certainly understand everything here..