How Amazon's Super-Complex Shipping System Works

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive and Amazon


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  1. RealExivus

    RealExivus7 daqiqa oldin

    Every time i order from amazon their site makes a big deal about getting my orders in by X time so they can ship together. then they ship each item individually anyway.

  2. Lucifer Lopz

    Lucifer Lopz6 soat oldin

    The video should be “How Amazon complex shipping to Florida”

  3. Mad Max

    Mad Max15 soat oldin

  4. Ryan Holmes

    Ryan HolmesKun oldin has a HORRIBLE search engine. Every time I type something in, it NEVER shows up. Can't they just use Google? I would love to shop on the app but it's easier to find what I'm looking for ANYWHERE else.

  5. James

    JamesKun oldin

    How Amazon's Super-complex Shipping System doesn't work? Yea. by hook or crook. mostly crook. I am out a prime laptop, $1850, and crooks trying to scam me into paying for import fees, late fees, storage fees, and penalties. Amazon does what? What was that? Nothing, wait, wait. It's not due yet, what? Two promises for full refund and still nothing, Wants me to wait. For what? More amazon scams? Amazon does nothing with broken promises. Prices go up, so what. happens. On the next day that refunds were to take effect, but wait. No refunds. So sorry. Bunch of dead beats promising knowing that nothing will be done. Ha, Ha, Ha. sucker.

  6. B Welkinator

    B Welkinator3 kun oldin

    Still... I am so impressed that I ordered a carburetor for an older Briggs & Stratton lawn mower engine at 9pm and got it by noon the next day.

  7. James Henry Smith

    James Henry Smith5 kun oldin

    Amazon apparently randomly locked my account for no reason and then when I tried to sign up for another one to try to fix the issue just now, then they said I needed to give it a phone number. Amazon boo!!!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  8. david david

    david david8 kun oldin

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  9. Al R

    Al R9 kun oldin

    The shipping is one of the pieces of Amazon that will be stripped away by antitrust laws.

  10. psycl0ptic

    psycl0ptic9 kun oldin

    you forgot the part where they deliver your package to the wrong person and then when you call customer service they ask you to wait for a friendly neighbor to redeliver your package to your home...the unpaid last yards of delivery.

  11. Latasha Moore

    Latasha Moore9 kun oldin

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  12. Nimesh Patel

    Nimesh Patel9 kun oldin

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  13. Desailu Meraca

    Desailu Meraca9 kun oldin

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  14. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet9 kun oldin

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  15. Chris Ramsay

    Chris Ramsay10 kun oldin

    Prime Shipping takes a week to a week and a half here (Atlantic Canada).

  16. Alto's Music Lab

    Alto's Music Lab12 kun oldin

    IN STOCK and you live next door, they'll hold it for 5 days before sending..... but you can pay for 'faster handling' that's PREDATORY CAPITALISM charging just because you can. :)

  17. Vibes Addick Entertainment

    Vibes Addick Entertainment13 kun oldin

    Amazon is the goat 🐐

  18. Gary Rodgers

    Gary Rodgers13 kun oldin

    Amazon on time delivery is turning into sh#t, my recent experience with Amazon has verify what I am suppecting, Amazon delivery service is in decline.

  19. Michele Lawford

    Michele Lawford13 kun oldin

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    SCARLET★STAR15 kun oldin

    The next logical step: Instead of having to do all the predictive algorithms to estimate what customers will order, just decide what customers oder for them. So every product will be stocked only where it needs to be from the very beginning. Low profit niche products can be scrapped from inventory completely. Leading to vastly more efficient, sustainable and lower waste logistics.

  21. NguyenNgocThao Nguyen

    NguyenNgocThao Nguyen16 kun oldin

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  22. Gin Mills

    Gin Mills16 kun oldin

    I live in Denver and work in trucking and logistics. I LOVE your videos - they are my career development.

  23. Joy Dunlap

    Joy Dunlap16 kun oldin

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  24. Just Kaws

    Just Kaws16 kun oldin

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  25. bill wiley

    bill wiley17 kun oldin

    Not just an Amazon issue but pretty much most online businesses when you are placing your order they say order within the next xxxx time frame and receive your order by xxx time frame usually about 2-3 days later. You place your order and the reality it is 5 -7 days before the package arrives and even now they still are blaming it on the pandemic shipping issues. Just be honest and give me the actual realistic time of when the order will arrive instead of blowing smoke up my A$$ and giving me a delivery time frame you rarely keep. I only get aggravated when I feel you delibertly lied about the delivery time to get me to complete the order and purchase the product from you!

  26. David Leung

    David Leung17 kun oldin

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  27. Josh Easy

    Josh Easy18 kun oldin

    UPS/FedEx should learn from Amazon & switch they style up !..

  28. Mihir Gannavarapu

    Mihir Gannavarapu18 kun oldin

    Can someone explain how I can pay a few more bucks and magically get my package delivered in half the time

  29. Sagar

    Sagar18 kun oldin

    "Humans are expensive"

  30. Prasong Mccray

    Prasong Mccray18 kun oldin

    Amazon customer service all around the world.👍🙏.

  31. Jack Aylward-Williams

    Jack Aylward-Williams19 kun oldin

    The Amazon delivery boy who covers my area always tries to deliver to everyone on the street at once, including people like my dad, who will often have paid for a “next day delivery” several days prior. He also has a habit of leaving his van in the middle of the road instead of taking the time to find a parking space, bearing in mind that it’s a one way street which is used by dozens of cars as a shortcut into the city centre, although he does put his hazards on, which of course makes it perfectly acceptable.

  32. Brian Yo

    Brian Yo20 kun oldin

    ask a PRIME driver or a LANDAIR driver(which I was)

  33. Brian Yo

    Brian Yo20 kun oldin

    I used to drive semi....we were a main sub-contractor for fed ex in at MEM driving "along side" a runway as a 727 or 737 landing or taking off at MEM was awesome !!! of course as you know the FAA wouldn't allow "right aside" to happen.....BUT it sure looked like right aside !

  34. Mickey Rubye

    Mickey Rubye20 kun oldin

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  35. Grant Holtfrerich

    Grant Holtfrerich21 kun oldin

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  36. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith21 kun oldin

    The real question is which major will Amazon buy…FedEx or UPS?

  37. yb

    yb22 kun oldin

    4:00 Homo-genius

  38. Scott Hageman

    Scott Hageman22 kun oldin

    My local mail man post office hates Amazon packages with a passion 😆

  39. NovelLean

    NovelLean22 kun oldin

    Having worked at USP grnd, and air Hub, then TOM team in an Amazon market with 3 fulfillment centers not including the perishable/grocery centers... This seems soooo inaccurate. But the general idea is spot on.

  40. abletothink

    abletothink23 kun oldin

    This explains why Amazon packages get delivered so quick (usually 1 day) here in Cincinnati.

  41. KevinSun242

    KevinSun24224 kun oldin

    But when I buy six spark plugs shipped from the same facility they arrive in six separate bubble mailers 😡

  42. Science Vids

    Science Vids24 kun oldin

    5:07 Oh so that's where my 70 lb bean bag went well enjoy it. 😊 😎

  43. Raffaele Mescia

    Raffaele Mescia25 kun oldin

    Bullshit !!!!!

  44. Maxy cooks

    Maxy cooks26 kun oldin

    How about the logistics of how you make your videos

  45. LawrenceNL

    LawrenceNL27 kun oldin


  46. whistletoe

    whistletoe28 kun oldin

    Amazon global shipping, especially to developing countries, still has a lot of room for improvement

  47. Pop Danny

    Pop DannyOy oldin

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  48. Yayuan zhu

    Yayuan zhuOy oldin

    hi,dear! If your goods are from China, I hope you can take a look at our company if you have time. Our name is Zhenxing International Logistics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., which focuses on providing sea and air transportation services for cross-border e-commerce. The company was established in September 2014 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, the central city of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. At the beginning of its establishment, it mainly focused on traditional international logistics business, involving traditional shipping, air transportation, and large-scale engineering equipment transportation. It has accumulated rich shipping companies, airlines and overseas tail delivery resources, providing services for many well-known domestic central enterprises and private enterprises .

  49. Chuck's poke

    Chuck's pokeOy oldin

    I like amazon but when ups is involved my experience in actual receiving package or returning has not been so smooth. Ups on many occasion require me to pick up item because fail delivery attempt. I work from home some item i order for specific urgent purpose and they said delivery attempt failed not home or some reason that was bs. Not going ups pick up package i paid have delivered. whats up ups stop leaving packages at my back door or porch. I live in one door upper level apartment no porch, sidewalk or back door.

  50. Chuck's poke

    Chuck's pokeOy oldin

    however, i have lost patience with my fellow amazon employees and contract delivery people. who have left my groceries and food deliveries in wrong building , wrong apartment and dont even ring door bell. You just door delivered to grocery thief and hassle of extra work for null. Why cant no connect policy exclude a door bell ring that items here. You just get notification where your items might be still sitting in busy lobby or at someone else doorstep. i hate when some thief gets rewarded with free coffee, chocolate or any item i have taken time to order not didn't receive. I dont want a refund or credit i want my stress chocolate which due at 8am and should already be eating.

  51. Chuck's poke

    Chuck's pokeOy oldin

    I worked at two amazon grocery personal support and fulfillment and really never had problem. Enjoying going in at 5am and getting home by noon to enjoy my day. when starting receiving my paychecks that was great. It must be some Managers in certain locations and/or nature of certain location that is causing different work experience among Amazon employees.

  52. lara

    laraOy oldin

    Amazon Germany has same-day delivery for some items, which is pretty cool considering the US has 2 days as their fastest delivery. In the Netherlands we have a big webshop where you can order before 10pm and get it the next day!

  53. Seren Solomand

    Seren SolomandOy oldin

    We have a lot of items that you can order on Amazon and will show up the same day in the US it really just depends on how close you are to the item.

  54. TheMysteriousStar

    TheMysteriousStarOy oldin

    FedEx's least favorite word: Amazon

  55. Jafer Chalil

    Jafer ChalilOy oldin

    but do they ship to the Amazon?

  56. Pat L

    Pat LOy oldin

    I try to shop anywhere first, as last option then Amazon.

  57. Sally Evans

    Sally EvansOy oldin

    I just received a 3 inch envelope delivered in a15 inch envelope. Where the logistics? Shame on amazon

  58. MrBeaubonomm

    MrBeaubonommOy oldin

    Et quand on achète sur amazon, ne vous fiez pas aux évaluations des clients. J'ai déjà laissé des évaluations négatives sur quelques-unes de leurs cochonneries et mon commentaire (pourtant poli) a été rejeté parce qu'ils vendent souvent de la merde et ils le savent. And when shopping on amazon, don't rely on customer reviews. I've left negative reviews on a few of their junk in the past and my (yet polite) review was rejected because they often sell shit and they know it.

  59. Gopal Kar

    Gopal KarOy oldin

    I Won't oill

  60. RealbloxGaming XD

    RealbloxGaming XDOy oldin

    "they are only getting better" and more expensive

  61. Open Eyes

    Open EyesOy oldin

    Worst delivery service ever. They do not deliver same day, two day or 2 hours even if you pay prime. They don't deliver door to door, they drop packages wherever is convenient to the driver. Not accountability... worst delivery company!!!

  62. Gary S

    Gary SOy oldin

    I am in Canada, and ordered three items on April 30th a utility knife holder a stylus and a baseball cap, got the knife holder two days later, the stylus still hadn't shipped on May 4th, even though on the item page says I could order another one and get it in two days, I ended up canceling that one. The baseball cap was shipping from the USA estimated delivery was May 21, so yesterday the 9th I got a email saying it had shipped so so far on tracking it the package has gone, seller ShoplandUSA, Monday, 10 May 7:17 AM Package arrived at an Amazon facility San Bernardino, California US 2:26 AM Package departed an Amazon facility Los Angeles, CA US 1:32 AM Package arrived at an Amazon facility Los Angeles, CA US Sunday, 9 May 10:44 PM Package departed an Amazon facility Wilmington, OH US 7:30 PM Package arrived at an Amazon facility Wilmington, OH US 10:44 AM Package departed an Amazon facility Seattle, WA US 5:50 AM Package arrived at an Amazon facility Seattle, WASHINGTON US Package has shipped Does not make sense to me, seems very convoluted will see how and when I do get the package.

  63. STEVEN R

    STEVEN ROy oldin

    🐃💩! I had a pair of shoes FLY 7,735 miles. Amazon wasted 5,268 miles of NOT needed air miles, if someone just looked at the ZIP CODE.

  64. riley_poggerz

    riley_poggerzOy oldin

    the only reason im here is because of my computer class-

  65. ahmed butawan

    ahmed butawanOy oldin

    😃amazing great😃😃😃

  66. TTP LLC

    TTP LLCOy oldin

    Amazon free same day and 2 day shipping will go away! It's just part of a business plan to destroy the competition and get people used to the convenience of online shopping with them. Then, Amazon will do what cable TVs did to all of us years ago saying, forget air TV, just pay for cable TV no commercials and watch your favorite shows "commercial free". Look at cable TVs nowadays, they slowly introduced commercials so we can get use to it. Smile today while you can, because Besos long term dark plan will make us cry later once they destroy the competition. None of the US leaders or congress are doing anything to prevent the huge monopoly growing under their noses, and we pay these politicians to rub shoulders with large corporations like Amazon to suck our bloods. We are feeding the beast that will rule over us, watch and see it!

  67. Justin Hopkins

    Justin HopkinsOy oldin

    I’ll be impressed when they invent teleportation.

  68. Sexxy Shanda Sexxy Shanda

    Sexxy Shanda Sexxy ShandaOy oldin

    I have an Amazon account it is terrible they charge you a big price but do not give you this service they deliver the boxes anywhere will not follow instructions

  69. RunningMan

    RunningManOy oldin

    sorry, just here to check when my thing i ordered comes.

  70. Doctor Tait

    Doctor TaitOy oldin

    bruh same, ordered something, been 3 days, and its still stuck in pre-shipment

  71. J C

    J COy oldin

    5:22 I work there!!!!!!!

  72. Michael Korf

    Michael KorfOy oldin

    If you really want an interesting video you should do one on the 3rd party sellers and their relationships with Amazon. No shortage of juicy content.

  73. Kathy Cagg

    Kathy CaggOy oldin

    I’d love to see a report on how Amazon processes returns. I’ve heard there is tremendous waste due to disposal being more cost effective.

  74. Coder Johan

    Coder JohanOy oldin

    nice video

  75. Alex xelA

    Alex xelA2 oy oldin


  76. Endo Studios

    Endo Studios2 oy oldin

    The video and the pictures inside the warehouse are true, I work for amazon flex as a driver but I used to be in the warehouse, the pay is amazing with for some deliveries 60 gbp for 3 hours of work (or less depending on how fast you are)

  77. Chai

    Chai2 oy oldin

    4:00 "The US is far from homogeneous" lmao right

  78. Francisco Medina

    Francisco Medina2 oy oldin

    Que grande real engineering

  79. dratelectasis

    dratelectasis2 oy oldin

    I’m glad you used Miami since i leave here

  80. Randy Newton

    Randy Newton2 oy oldin

    Everybody wants to buy cheap shit then they bitch about what it takes to make shit cheap ....

  81. Ram Acharya

    Ram Acharya2 oy oldin

    This excellent video is only half the story ! How does Amazon stock its warehouse with such a variety of products from various manufacturers /producers ? Do they do it or is it left to the individual manufacturers to do the needful ?

  82. jmaster1324

    jmaster13242 oy oldin

    As a Kiva tech at a fulfilment center it really hurt to hear him say Kiva when we've always called it Keyva

  83. S R

    S R2 oy oldin

    What's strange is that Amazon doesn't utilize FedEx more for people in Memphis. I almost never get FedEx packages they are all Amazon or USPS. But Amazon is more than happy to ship my package from Ohio to Olive Branch Mississippi and it can sit there for 2 weeks. I tell them I can drive 30 minutes and pick it up. But no I have to wait....

  84. S R

    S R2 oy oldin

    More efficient they say? Tell that to my package that left from NC, went to OH, taken to Memphis, shipped out to CO and then back to Memphis. Oh and btw, I'm in memphis..... And this happens all the time with different locations. Most of the time because it ends up getting delivered by a different system and not staying with an Amazon.

  85. Dale 1

    Dale 12 oy oldin

    Dude straight up you are a really good fucking UZnick or and very descriptive I love what you’re doing right now

  86. Darragh o connell

    Darragh o connell2 oy oldin

    I'll probably break everyone here's neck 😂... Weeee

  87. Belle Lysenko

    Belle Lysenko2 oy oldin

    So if I live 8n Alaska and I order a bikini with one day shipping, chaos ensues. Mission accepted

  88. Avg PlanesWalker

    Avg PlanesWalker2 oy oldin

    Do you live in Colorado? I see a lot of Colorado stock footage in your videos. Like photos of Fort Collins

  89. Robert Lee

    Robert Lee2 oy oldin

    It's a morbid thought, but I wonder what Amazon's contingency plan would be for the total loss of an aircraft. Probably just redirect available inventory from other existing fulfillment centers.

  90. patrick jackson

    patrick jackson2 oy oldin

    And people need to have more respect for Amazon workers, ups, fedex, usps and others whether in a warehouse or driver. People don’t get the work that goes on behind the scenes.

  91. Carpe Noctem

    Carpe Noctem2 oy oldin

    & they say planned economies don't work... 😂

  92. Carpe Noctem

    Carpe Noctem2 oy oldin

    Multinational corporations just keep making the argument for higher corp taxes & a UBI stronger & stronger everyday.

  93. Qasim Khan

    Qasim Khan2 oy oldin

    Ontario bit at 11:10 messed with me cuz I live in Ontario too... Just in Canada. Remembered there's a place on US west coast called that too

  94. Erika S. Robinson

    Erika S. Robinson2 oy oldin

    I don't know and understand the logic of this but I am so glad on youtube got me a lot of money when I got in touch with them

  95. Sunday3pm

    Sunday3pm2 oy oldin

    Not bragging or anything, just stating the truth, before I moved to the US 10+ yrs ago, I thought everything was supposed to be delivered second day in the US just like in China.


    META MUTT2 oy oldin

    Union. ✊

  97. Zen Dog57

    Zen Dog572 oy oldin

    I'm sorry to say it but Amazon Logistics is the biggest joke ever. You want a shipment screwed up, Amazon will do it. I can't remember the last time I actually received a package from them in two days.

  98. Daniel

    Daniel2 oy oldin

    Amazon is a criminal organization in which Jeff Bizos should be trialed for general mass employee abuse! It really ought to be perceived as crimes against humanity. In a country like Germany there are laws and regulations that would fully prevent the sick likes of him and his cooperation to exist in the first place! Thanks to the American plutocratic crony-capitalist system, austerity for everyone and socialism for the mega-rich.

  99. Walter Donald

    Walter Donald2 oy oldin

    Investing in c.rypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  100. Louis Carlos

    Louis Carlos2 oy oldin

    I'am very excited ever since I started trading with mr Williams indeed he is the best

  101. Joseph Brown

    Joseph Brown2 oy oldin

    Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.

  102. Zachary vincent

    Zachary vincent2 oy oldin


  103. Ann Lorra

    Ann Lorra2 oy oldin

    @Zachary vincent +1= 3=8=6=7=4 2=8=0=2 =9

  104. Ann Lorra

    Ann Lorra2 oy oldin

    His availability is on WhatsApp👇

  105. Paraic91

    Paraic912 oy oldin

    Wait.. how did you pronounce homogenous @4:01? :D

  106. Joe G

    Joe G2 oy oldin

    Amazing video

  107. Remy

    Remy2 oy oldin

    “How does Amazon get a package to you?” They exploit their workers, that’s how