Egypt's Dam Problem: The Geopolitics of the Nile

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive


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  1. Bisrat Gebremariam

    Bisrat Gebremariam2 soat oldin

    This is a fair analysis

  2. Oliver Wandera

    Oliver Wandera15 soat oldin

    The British government was the enemy of the African countries and the root causes of all problems we still face today. Egypt can help with enlarging the dam, get electricity at a favourable rate, help support reforestation of Ethiopian and lake basin countries.

  3. Oliver Wandera

    Oliver Wandera15 soat oldin

    If Egypt dare attack great Ethiopia, we will divert the flow of the river to Indian ocean period.

  4. Black Film Guild

    Black Film GuildKun oldin

    its comical that the treaty they are relying on is from the colonizers who didn't include other countries. Who knew it was this easy to make rules and laws out of thin air that benefit you. Why would Ethiopia want a multi-national agreement when they spent 5 billion on the project?

  5. Lidya Begashaw

    Lidya BegashawKun oldin

    It's Ethiopia resources 86% of The Nile comes from Ethiopia..Egypt electricity has 100% in other side Ethiopia only have 40% we need the dam for the people of Ethiopia who are 110 million now..when Egypt need To develop They building the Aswa dam When its time For Ethiopia to develop They saying they can't we will see that Ethiopia Need thw Nile dam for better life of Ethiopians We live in under dark it's time To light Ethiopia it's my dam 🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹🇪🇹

  6. John Gilligan

    John Gilligan3 kun oldin

    The source of the white nile is in Uganda behind a dam in Jinja... And theres a great restaurant overlooking it

  7. Tiktok Official

    Tiktok Official3 kun oldin

    Nice video

  8. Philip 2.2.1

    Philip 2.2.14 kun oldin

    Didnt china fund a large part of their infrastructure and still technically owns it

  9. Majid Al Ruwais

    Majid Al Ruwais5 kun oldin

    One of the best channels who talk about this issue fairly unbiased to any side

  10. Helina

    Helina5 kun oldin

    I like how u think things work out or not.

  11. Mhd Ibm

    Mhd Ibm6 kun oldin

    * A Sudanese guy watching * : nice

  12. leena fangry

    leena fangry6 kun oldin

    Greetings from sudan❤👐

  13. Elias worku Gobeze

    Elias worku Gobeze6 kun oldin

    In the program , you don't mention how these three countries ought to utilize the Nile River for the benefit of their citizens. For instance , if the down stream countries Egypt & Sudan rehabilitates the catchment area in upstream country , the whole people in the region can benefit.

  14. Noor Okour

    Noor Okour7 kun oldin

    Ngl thats a dam big problem

  15. Patrick Harrison

    Patrick Harrison7 kun oldin

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    gfhtr dsfert8 kun oldin

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  17. Roshaun Roache

    Roshaun Roache9 kun oldin

    Wendover productions? More like bend over productions

  18. Semira .B

    Semira .B10 kun oldin

    Ethiopian agreed to fill the water 3-7 years But is Not enough for Egypt. Extremely 😥 &unfear

  19. OO

    OO6 kun oldin

    hey man you are Ethiopian and I'm Egyptian lets solve it together. From our aspect GERD will probably wipe out our whole country. as 98% of our population lives along the Nile river our civilization was built around the river for 7000 years. we already have a water shortage as the video says at 6:15 .

  20. Mostafa Lotfy

    Mostafa Lotfy10 kun oldin

    If you drive your car in desert you are free, but once you reach the city, you have to follow the city regulations. Your freedom stopped once it interferes with others. Ethiopia is part of this world and has to follow the international laws. The Nile river was there thousands of years before Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia. the river linked all the three counties together. It is an international river. Ethiopia didn't dig it, Nobody choose the path of the river. The water that you receive is not made in Ethiopia, It's made by Allah. Let us switch the chairs, suppose the Nile starts in Egypt flows all way down to Ethiopia ( and this is the only source of water ) and Egypt said we gunna cut the water to Ethiopia, What are going to do? WATER = LIFE. There is on one in the world accept that even you Ethiopians. The Ethiopian government and the media led their people astray, there is wash brain. It will end up with disaster. If this is your choice Ethiopians then it's the war. Egypt doesn't have other choices, it's life or death.

  21. Andy Toepel

    Andy Toepel11 kun oldin

    Thank you. One of the most thorough videos I've seen as to what's really happening there.

  22. jared glinka

    jared glinka12 kun oldin

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  23. wilson lu

    wilson lu12 kun oldin

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  24. yohannes mamo

    yohannes mamo12 kun oldin

    Its start from Ethiopia, make sure you do it right!!!!

  25. Dawit Abel

    Dawit Abel14 kun oldin

    Why Ethiopia says it's unfair: NILE WATER CONTRIBUTION--- Ethiopia 85%, Egypt 0%, Sudan 0%. NILE WATER SHARING --- Ethiopia 0%, Egypt 66%, Sudan 19%. NILE WATER ACCESS TO ELECTRICITY:--- Ethiopia 30%, Egypt 100%, Sudan 60%.---- " If we keep telling that life is unfair but do nothing serious about it, then life will forever continue to remain unfair." -------Long live 🇪🇹🇪🇹 🇪🇹!!

  26. zeyin mohammed

    zeyin mohammed14 kun oldin

    Totally, Ethiopia is innocent.since 85% Nile goes from Ethiopia

  27. Ruhul Bassett

    Ruhul Bassett15 kun oldin

    Would be nice if you do a video on the issues plaguing India and Bangladesh. Upstream dams and diverting major rivers by India and it's impact on highly agriculture dependent Bangladesh

  28. midwings00

    midwings0016 kun oldin

    I bet China will use this to their advantage....

  29. midwings00

    midwings0016 kun oldin

    So Egypt says they have a say? Then why didn't they bring in Ethiopia? They only have say over 15% of the water if they want to be technical. You spend nearly a century and now complain when a country is doing something to save its people? Such a lazy and nonsensical government

  30. Beyene Bisrat

    Beyene Bisrat17 kun oldin

    Ethiopia is going to build 100 small and medium size dams just by saving some of the water that flows to the Mediterranean

  31. Hailu M Saifu

    Hailu M Saifu17 kun oldin

    Egypt and Sudanese leaders need to get their heads out of the extreme hot sand and start thinking as post colonial African family! All the three country leaders want the best for their respective countries and people. This is not our fathers and grandfather time or world, war isn't and has never been the answer in fact it's expensive for all and it's old fashion! The Ethiopian leadership from the begging seems to understand this very well and was focused on growing and changing the region! not harming the downstream countries. The Nile has been a gift to all riparian nations it touch and it can be a blessing to all for the next thousands of years if only our African leaders and people change our old fashion colinal planted thinking! Every great team knows how to change and adapt based on the situation like a smart football player. The measure of intelligence is the ability to change! Destroying each others infrastructure or cities will only help others. So we need to change our thinking and grow and change together hand to hand and the bottom line we are all brothers and we can change and grow together! We all know it or not Ethiopia is changing and growing by the grace of God inspite of covid 19, according to world bank, imf and others the Ethiopian econmy is on a fasttrack growth and Ethiopia is not and has never been selfish it wants to take all its neighbors for the ride! If your head is on the old fashion war games and your stuck there we will go the extra way to change your thinking if not by the grace of God we are good at war! Please for reference ask the historical Egyptians, Italians and Koreans.

  32. Salman Dosari

    Salman Dosari18 kun oldin


  33. Sarek Sarek

    Sarek Sarek18 kun oldin

    As an Egyptian, the Muslim brotherhood are pushing for a war with Eithopia to squeeze the President Sisi . Their media influence and pressure will ultimately push Egypt to war with Eithopia

  34. jacky mai

    jacky mai18 kun oldin

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  35. Ty Harris

    Ty Harris19 kun oldin

    Ethiopia has every right to build the dam for their needs

  36. Jake Jhons

    Jake Jhons20 kun oldin

    Both Egypt and Sudan have almost ten dams on Nile. Why shouldn’t Ethiopia have one?

  37. Saron Kebede

    Saron Kebede20 kun oldin

    Ethiopia is never been colonised from Africa so that's why Ethiopia wasn't in the agreement but remember 88% of blue Nile water comes from Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the source of blue Nile and 80%of Ethiopians don't have electricity so Ethiopia has to use the resource to build the dam. Egypt has 100% electricity and built dams and canals by using blue Nile so Egypt taught they own it also Sudan. Egypt or Sudan have dams when we don't have none. They are selfish embarrassingly think they own it.

  38. Marwan Tawfik

    Marwan Tawfik17 kun oldin

    @Saron Kebede yeah you're the source I got it first time Good luck buddy

  39. Saron Kebede

    Saron Kebede17 kun oldin

    @Marwan Tawfik you have restore enough water for your agriculture and you have electricity 100% while 80%of Ethiopians live in the dark. Our problem is to get electricity by using our resource. Remember we are the source of blue Nile.

  40. Marwan Tawfik

    Marwan Tawfik17 kun oldin

    @Saron Kebede why are you so agressive about it? All I'm talking about is considering your right to have suffecient power and development while keeping our agriculture alive Is being a source gives you the right to desertify someone else's lands? Anyway I recommend that you reconsider your chauvinism as your government is using this extreme image for political gains

  41. Saron Kebede

    Saron Kebede17 kun oldin

    @Marwan Tawfik it looks like you have a nightmares. We don't need no one permission to fill our dam as we are the source.

  42. Marwan Tawfik

    Marwan Tawfik18 kun oldin

    It's not like you can't have a dam for electricity because we own the Nile, but the logistics you're intending to fill the reservoir could drastically affect agriculture here in Egypt, forever. That's an existential cause for a country like Egypt. As a citizen of Egypt I think we must have a sensible agreement on the period that the filling process would take. It's really better have more open minds and just help each other to co-exist and solve the conflict away from talks of propaganda and historical grudge.


    SIDEWINDER25JAN21 kun oldin

    For the last 10 years, Ethiopia has been refusing to sign any binding agreement to insure the safety of the downstream countries instead it wants to be the sole master of the Nile so it would gain power over the downstream countries where Egypt and Sudan concedes this as a life or death situation, by doing so, Ethiopia is gambling with its own existence as it is provoking Egypt which is the strongest military power in Africa and the Mddil East and ranked 13 in terms of global fire power, unfortunately it seems that all out war is inevitable where Egypt and Sudan has completed their military buildup on the Ethiopian borders

  44. Senayit Tuji

    Senayit Tuji21 kun oldin

    I'm Ethiopian, we have the right to fill the dam and prosper! No one would harm if we agree and work together as Africa! Ethiopia is a sovereignty country as well Egypt. Lets be a solution for our problem no need of others hand!

  45. Tyler Hendrix

    Tyler Hendrix21 kun oldin

    15:21 there’s no legal move with that piece

  46. Curtis Lowe

    Curtis Lowe22 kun oldin

    Is this one of history's more common scenarios? When a society that previously could be ignored because of their lack of political unity finally stands up and says 'the resources that originate within our borders are ours" that's when the weapons come out. The old guard then reacts to a threat to the status quo by the newcomers. Unpleasantness accompanied by blood and death follows. Ethiopia self-financed the dam. I expect Ethiopia to also literally defend the dam with purpose and unshakable determination. Israel has repeatedly proven that the Egyptian military isn't a winner. I know nothing about Ethiopia's air power and I am pleased to see they have had the foresight to install a ground to air defense system. The turn off the tap threat has a shelf life and the tap cannot literally be turned off. The reservoir will only hold X acre-feet of water and Ethiopia will have power delivery contracts. Both of those realities mean that turn off the tap is hyperbole.

  47. Michel Nabil

    Michel Nabil18 kun oldin

    Having a large reservoir behind the dam in a tropical climate like Ethiopia, means more evaporation, and so less water it likely to be sent downward the stream after all, evaporated water can fall on the sea or other countries nearby, which means, there will be more waste, and so less water for all sudan and Egypt which is unacceptable,,, Besides that, the weight of the water being held, can accelerate earthquakes in this region which is geographically unstable, the whole course of the river stream can be switched to different path or to the sea ... if that happened, it would be a disaster... With famines and starvation in Egypt. Ethiopia holding 74 million litters is a Devilish act ... Ethiopia wants Egyptians to starve out of her envy... Why hold 74 million litters?!, when you can operate all the turbines to generate all the electricity that she wants with only 20 million litters or less?!!! Ethiopia is stauburn, and wants war...

  48. Moe Moe

    Moe Moe22 kun oldin

    Good video. This shows how Egypt is an as whole and greed

  49. cuze

    cuze22 kun oldin

    I hope Egypt crumbles

  50. Alistair Bolden

    Alistair Bolden22 kun oldin

    Damning that river is asking for war. What real choice has Egypt got but to go to war over it?

  51. Joninator

    Joninator22 kun oldin

    @Alistair Bolden the first phrase of filling the dam was complete. That’s why Ethiopia stopped. No one died so your argument that Ethiopia is going to kill people is spineless.. Ethiopia has always said that they will not inflict harm on Egypt. Phrase two of the filling will start soon. No one will die. Egyptian propaganda is showing in your comment. The fact that you thought that Ethiopia was going to cut of Egypt from the whole Nile proves that, as Ethiopia has never said that they will do anything like that.

  52. Alistair Bolden

    Alistair Bolden22 kun oldin

    @Joninator The only reason no one has died so far is because the damn is not complete and the filling of the reservoir has been thankfully suspended.

  53. Joninator

    Joninator22 kun oldin

    @Alistair Bolden no one is cutting of Egypt from water. Using some of the water for electricity so your citizens can get electricity is not an act of war. Bombing other people for using your own resources is a act of war. Has anyone died that you know of?

  54. Alistair Bolden

    Alistair Bolden22 kun oldin

    @Joninator You keep telling yourself that as the bombs start raining down. Cutting off another nations water supply is nothing short of an act of war. What the hell do you expect to happen? Look at it another way, by cutting down the water level in the river you will be killing tens of thousands if not millions of people, are you ok with the blood of millions on your hands just so a few people in a company gets rich?

  55. Joninator

    Joninator22 kun oldin

    Ethiopia can do whatever it wants to do with its own resources. Egypt can negotiate with Ethiopia instead of trying to threaten Ethiopia into submission.

  56. Butina Butinas

    Butina Butinas22 kun oldin

    🍎🍎🍎 As Egypt rejects Win -Win solutions. It has to bear reposibilities of its stubborn actions. Abreast with the filling of the Grand Renaissance Dam , hundreds follow soon. 🍎🍎🍎


    Ane SKINTVEIT23 kun oldin


  58. Eritrean Raiders

    Eritrean Raiders24 kun oldin

    Solve the problem. We lost enough people in Africa.

  59. Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor24 kun oldin

    This is the kind of thing that can start a war

  60. CANDACE  etho

    CANDACE etho25 kun oldin

    Who's build dam is Ethiopia not Egypt and Ethiopia has build dam to using electricity power 60 %of Ethiopian don't have enough power electricity Egypt is hypocrite and didn't want to Ethiopia us on water in on land Egypt is try to be powerful on African country by first of all Egypt didn't accept as African the second is they scared of Ethiopia if they have enough electricity to growth economy financial Egypt is afraid to lose power in Africa lot of died fish issue what Egypt doing in blue Niles

  61. QRP

    QRP25 kun oldin

    One of the most significant planetary issues of our lives and nobody's even heard of it.

  62. Mike Baker

    Mike Baker25 kun oldin

    Honestly, I could see Egypt becoming desperate enough to invade them and destroy the dam, if no peaceful solution can be found. This is pretty much an existential threat to them.

  63. Cherotich peter

    Cherotich peter26 kun oldin

    this issue is likely to cause havoc amongst the countries in question

  64. D Birru

    D Birru26 kun oldin

    Great tittle, but shallow analysis, making it half the story. You left the part of the Nile River story after Egypt. Your analysis would be full only if you have had included how mysteriously Egypt is exporting the Nile to Israel and beyond.

  65. ETechno Tricks

    ETechno Tricks27 kun oldin

    why I reply like these is, because of they hate our country ‘Ethiopia’ too much from the bottom of their heart, even-though they know we dont have any intention to harm them ‘Egypt’ and all of the downstream countries. Our only and only intention is to develop a hydro power, and to have light in our home. You will never belief in 21 century most of Ethiopian peoples (above 75% population) doesn't have access to electricity and water? In fact, we contribute above 80% water to Nile! Sudan’s built their own dam without negotiating and considering other downstream countries, especially Ethiopia, Egypt also built their own dam long time ago without negotiating and considering other downstream countries, especially Ethiopia. But Ethiopia does the opposite, she tells and announce the project to them and the world officially. So, what’s the problem always when Ethiopia tries to do something. These is not fair and unacceptable. African countries and all of the world must stand with the innocent Ethiopia. Ethiopia prevails!

  66. Hunde Bakalcha

    Hunde Bakalcha29 kun oldin

    Because of greedy Egypt Nile is not a cooperative river so we will do what is right for us

  67. Petros Grandi

    Petros Grandi29 kun oldin

    Well put, great video mate💯👏🏽👏🏽. One love Ethiopia 🇪🇹

  68. Imas peace

    Imas peaceOy oldin

    ትልቁ ህዳሴ ግድብ የኔ ነዉ የሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊ ነዉ ማንኛዉም ምድራዊ ሀይል ሊያስቆመን አይችልም ግብጵና መሰሎችዋ እድሜ ልካችንን በተሳሳተ(በመጥፎ) ሴራ እንዳንጠቀም አድርገዉናል አንድም ቀን እንኳን ሳያመሰግኑን እኛ ኢትዮጵያን ግን የራሳችን ማንነትና እምነት ህዝቦች ነን ምንም ያህል በክፋት ጠምደዉ(እያሴሩ) ያኖሩን ቢሆንም እኛ በልተን ጎረቤታችን ሳይበላ ከቀረ እንቅልፍም ማይዘን የፈጣሪ ፍራቻ ያለን ከሱ ዉጭ ማንንም የማንፈራ ኩሩ ህዝቦች ነን ።ግብጵ ሆይ ሴራሽን ትተሽ ከኢትዮጵያና ከአፍሪካ ጋ ብትቆሚ ነዉ ሚያዋጣሽ አለበለዚያ ወደ ፊት ምናየዉ ይሆናል

  69. Kush Cush history

    Kush Cush historyOy oldin

    I'm Ethiopian and I support Egypt Please Egypt blow up the dam



    We Ethiopian have the right to use the water......

  71. Eric ja

    Eric jaOy oldin

    Divert the river and see what this Arabs gone eat.

  72. Alistair Xu

    Alistair XuOy oldin

    The flat feather exclusively nod because india causally whisper out a woebegone printer. mushy, telling joke

  73. Mongo Bongo

    Mongo BongoOy oldin

    Ethiopia actually can’t ”turn of the tap” because if they do they won’t generate any electricity. This is a non-problem when you realize both Ethiopia and Egypt wants the Nile to flow.

  74. Ager azanaw

    Ager azanawOy oldin

    God bless my country mama ethiopa

  75. History and Culture

    History and CultureOy oldin

    ethiopia is best, they are owner of nile. Ethiopians can open a water business, charging 100 Birr per gallon for Egypt water access.

  76. Lilliann Scott

    Lilliann ScottOy oldin

    Mom: You need to study this for school Me: No, I already have for school and I am already done with my 20 facts *UGHH* 🙄

  77. Paul M

    Paul MOy oldin

    I like most of your videos. I used to think that u do alot of fact finding. Now I know ur stories can b a lot of BS

  78. Tes W/Senbet

    Tes W/SenbetOy oldin

    Egypt has been actively destabilizing and hindering Ethiopia’s development for fifty years. People may think that the Nile is the only issue between Ethiopia and Egypt. No! The deeper problem is Egypt’s eternal enmity towards Ethiopia, and at the root of all this is jealousy. Few people know that Egypt has long been encroaching on Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s heritages in Jerusalem, for more than a century. The history of these heritages goes thousands years back when the Queen of Sheba ( Saba) visited king Solomon. Egypt has also been conspiring to move the headquarters of the African Union (formerly OAU) from Addis Ababa, beginning from the time of Haile Selassie, with the aim to undermine Ethiopia’s position in Africa.

  79. Carol Ramsey

    Carol RamseyOy oldin

    It all comes down to overpopulation of the planet. As the rabbit said: "They breed like fucking humans!"

  80. Lilia Loretta

    Lilia LorettaOy oldin

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  81. Visitor

    VisitorOy oldin

    Threaten a nation that holds your water lifeline is very unwise. Solution for Egypt: Build your own goddamn dam you damn fool.!!..

  82. Getu Admas

    Getu AdmasOy oldin

    What is Egypt’s contribution to the Nile River? Other than using and abusing the water 💦 and the sources . Can someone tell me one thing?

  83. ኢትዮጵያዊ ነኝ Ethiopian

    ኢትዮጵያዊ ነኝ EthiopianOy oldin

    Cool and fair documentary👏

  84. Sardonic Spartan

    Sardonic SpartanOy oldin

    what a pointless video

  85. Ashitaba Kyō

    Ashitaba KyōOy oldin

    It's really good that you featured not just the problem and possibility of conflict but the brilliant solution of the multinational cooperation on the opposite side of the continent. This project is a great opposrtunity to unite and be great together. I hope Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan and all other countries involved will recognize this before jumping into a conflict which probably will not be beneficial to anyone anyway.

  86. TheModer8ter

    TheModer8terOy oldin

    God is real and all people are imperfect. Sin means imperfect, so all people sin. Only sinless perfect beings are allowed to live forever in heaven. The good news is that Jesus is the Messiah, which means God with us.. He died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16."

  87. mesfin yifra

    mesfin yifraOy oldin

    yes Ethiopia is always green. we Ethiopians want the water to generate electric power.

  88. إكتئاب - Depression

    إكتئاب - DepressionOy oldin

    As an Egyptian I am 100% certain that we will blow their dam and leave them crying

  89. Love People

    Love PeopleOy oldin

    Egypt must pay for Ethiopia for her excess use of Nile water. The Nile water 85% comes from Ethiopia.

  90. Jon Doe

    Jon DoeOy oldin

    Egypt is always trying to bully others like Israel.

  91. ٠𓂀EGYP𓋹iAN𓆗٠ 𓎦𓏭𓁺 𓁼.

    ٠𓂀EGYP𓋹iAN𓆗٠ 𓎦𓏭𓁺 𓁼.Oy oldin

    We won't give up one drop of water.

  92. Jon Doe

    Jon DoeOy oldin

    China just did this to Asia...

  93. Not Gonnlie

    Not GonnlieOy oldin

    to many people on the planet

  94. Pacaj Albert

    Pacaj AlbertOy oldin

    Mali chlapec 🧒 v škole v knihe som videl púšť oceán hneď som videl vodu ovocie zelenú púšť farba sa zmenila videl vodové diaľnice

  95. Ethio rango ኢትዮ ራንጎ

    Ethio rango ኢትዮ ራንጎOy oldin

    የግብፅ ምቀኝነት እንጂ የአባይ ውሃ ለሁላችንም በቂ ነው ። የእግዚአብሔር ስጦታ ነው። ለብዙ ዓመታት የኢትዮጵያን ለም አፈር በነፃ ለግብፅ ስንገብር ኑረናል አሁንም የራሳችንን ድርሻ ውሃ ከምድራችን የሚነጭ ሃቃችን ነው!! The envy of Egypt is enough for all of us. It is a gift from God. We have been cultivating Ethiopia's fertile soil for free for many years and it is still a fact that our share of water is emanating from our land !!💚💛💖

  96. ٠𓂀EGYP𓋹iAN𓆗٠ 𓎦𓏭𓁺 𓁼.

    ٠𓂀EGYP𓋹iAN𓆗٠ 𓎦𓏭𓁺 𓁼.Oy oldin

    Make your dam without affecting our water portion. We will blow up the dam

  97. Islam Al Hosieny

    Islam Al HosienyOy oldin

    Unless they reach a legal binding agreement there will be an unavoidable conflict. Check what the Ethiopian dams have done to Kenya. Check what Turkish and Iranian Dams have done with Tigris and Euphrates. Sadly, the water wars are about to start I think.

  98. bircruz555

    bircruz555Oy oldin

    No. US controls its rivers, as do source countries every where, including China. Nothing is commonwealth. SA has exclusive rights to its oil. Oil wars?

  99. Babuji

    BabujiOy oldin

    What have Ethiopian dams did to Kenya sir? just put the link here if you have it.

  100. Jona mukanga

    Jona mukangaOy oldin

    thx for the video i realy needed it

  101. Silver Lining

    Silver LiningOy oldin

    Rivers that originate from Tibet flow through countries from Vietnam to India with more than 1.5 billion people. China is putting multiple dams upstream. Wonder what ramifications there are on the downstream countries?

  102. LordNilsius

    LordNilsiusOy oldin

    that's a damn problem

  103. Habib Misbah

    Habib MisbahOy oldin

    So u are saying Ethiopia can produce electricity by it's green land. Be impartial. the water begins here in Ethiopia lake tana but u pretend as u don't known where it starts. We are sharing our 85 percent water to the nile. But we don't have to use our resource because we are poor and the have international influence. What a non sense is this thinking😥

  104. ٠𓂀EGYP𓋹iAN𓆗٠ 𓎦𓏭𓁺 𓁼.

    ٠𓂀EGYP𓋹iAN𓆗٠ 𓎦𓏭𓁺 𓁼.Oy oldin

    We won't give up one drop of water. Tell you PM if this dam will affect our water portion we will blow up the dam.

  105. Ethan O. McBride

    Ethan O. McBrideOy oldin

    I love that damn dam.

  106. Rajdial Nandram

    Rajdial NandramOy oldin

    If Egypt want to treat the Blue Nile as its private river it should at least help Ethiopia foot the bill for the dam so Ethiopia could get some benefit if Ethiopia is to agree to slowly fill the dam to appease Egypt. Going to war with Ethiopia will be more costly for Egypt in the long run

  107. ٠𓂀EGYP𓋹iAN𓆗٠ 𓎦𓏭𓁺 𓁼.

    ٠𓂀EGYP𓋹iAN𓆗٠ 𓎦𓏭𓁺 𓁼.Oy oldin

    Lol. We have been negotiating with them for 10 years. We suggested solutions not to affect our water portion. The dam is built for political reasons and all politicians know that.And we had the green light to blow up the dam anyway

  108. ttj Time

    ttj TimeOy oldin

    This time of Ethiopia ❗

  109. JBBrickman

    JBBrickman2 oy oldin

    So what your telling me is that Egypt should invade Ethiopia? hmmmm

  110. إكتئاب - Depression

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    Nah Egypt will just blow it

  111. Ahmed Esawy

    Ahmed Esawy2 oy oldin

    If it’s very easy why Ethiopian doesn’t want to have sign a legal agreement for how to generate the dam and share information and share generating the dam with Sudan and Egypt

  112. bircruz555

    bircruz555Oy oldin

    It is their river. That is where to start. No one tells source countries what to do with their resources. Just that easy. That you want it desperately does not justify any right over others' resources. What is in it for Ethiopia to get into a legal agreement? Did you think up any reason?

  113. amen sisa

    amen sisa2 oy oldin

    Egypt has ground water that can be used for 1000+ yrs, has the Red sea & Mediterranean sea. The GERD is a hydroelectric dam that doesn't consume water. Egypt has built huge dams, artificial lakes on tha Nile. Also diverted the Nile to Sinai & Israel(Al salam canal).

  114. amen sisa

    amen sisa2 oy oldin

    The whole Abay (blue nile) emanates from 40springs & lakes in Ethiopia w/c accounts for 86% of the Nile. 65 million Ethiopians don't have access to electricity & clean water while Egyptians have 100% electricity & clean water.

  115. RaidBoss Ramo

    RaidBoss Ramo2 oy oldin

    Ethiopia can very much fill the dam where they produce enough electricity for all of its people while sacrificing a little bit on the surplus part for the sake of Egypt not going dry so its a win win scenario ,but their government is so stubborn and primitive its hilarious, they long for war for some reason ,despite them not having the upper hand in it when comparing military power. War won't help any of the parties, and its the people of both countries that will pay its price, it is their dam, but it is NOT their Nile as it's an international river, which is a major misconception on their end sadly.

  116. Solomon GIzaw

    Solomon GIzaw2 oy oldin

    Blue nile is the life line of Ethiopia!!

  117. Z Z

    Z Z2 oy oldin

    It rains in Ethiopia 🇪🇹,and Cotten grows in the desert of Egypt. It rains in Ethiopia 🇪🇹,and the lights go on Egypt. Ethiopians rains has been magical for Egypt. Time to make that magic work for Ethiopia 🇪🇹.💚💛❤️

  118. ٠𓂀EGYP𓋹iAN𓆗٠ 𓎦𓏭𓁺 𓁼.

    ٠𓂀EGYP𓋹iAN𓆗٠ 𓎦𓏭𓁺 𓁼.Oy oldin

    You built the dam for political reasons. We will blow up the dam.... That easy. And we got the green light already

  119. حلايب و شلاتين المصريه

    حلايب و شلاتين المصريهOy oldin

    raidboss ramo is right you can do this magic without destroying egypt cuz if you destroy egypt egypt will slaughter ethiopians

  120. RaidBoss Ramo

    RaidBoss Ramo2 oy oldin

    you can make it work without starving them tho, its called working together, I understand it is your dam, but the river isn't yours alone.

  121. Bill Beyatte

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    Wendover opens my eyes to another part of the world every day. Thanks.

  122. All Knowledge Philly

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    So Egypt thinks that they Own the Entire NILE❗❗❓❓🤣🤣🤣 FILL THAT DAM❗FILL THAT DAM❗💪🏿

  123. Chonga Yifru

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    Senseless Egyptian propaganda in American English!

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