China's Vaccine Diplomacy

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Select footage courtesy the AP Archive

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  1. Wendover Productions

    Wendover Productions2 oy oldin

    I just wanted to bring a few things up before anyone else does because I'm sure this video (relating to a couple of hot-button issues) will invite some criticism. - There's a section at 7:31 where we talk about how in general, Chinese vaccines are not as effective as those from Moderna and Pfizer. On screen, we show their different efficacy ratings, and I know there was a popular video by Vox this week that explained why you can't directly compare vaccines to each other off of their efficacy ratings. This is absolutely true, but the general message here, that the attenuated/inactivated virus and other older technologies used by the five currently-approved Chinese vaccines are not as effective compared to those of Moderna and Pfizer is true--mRNA vaccines are known to be more effective than other technologies, and that's part of what makes them such an exciting technology. You can read this article by the Harvard Medical School for an explanation as to why and how: - I want to reiterate the point that I hope the video does: any country donating vaccines to others that have a reduced level of access is a good thing. This video does not criticize that. It merely criticizes the manner in which this is being done. In addition, it brings up the point that this could be strategically problematic for China, based on their own interests. There's definitely the flip side of that which is to say that China is sacrificing vaccinating its population in order to give doses to those that need them most, which is valiant. But again, its not the action this video is criticizing, it's the method. - Also, yes: China mismanaged the epidemic in the beginning, denied its existence, suppressed whistleblowers, etc. Once it flipped the script and started taking action, though, it quickly became one of the countries with one of the most effective suppression programs. While there is some legitimate doubt about numbers and statistics in the early days of the epidemic in China, there's no legitimate doubt that China has effectively suppressed the virus to very low levels of transmission now.

  2. K H

    K H23 soat oldin

    From very biased point of view from Wendover unfortunately. If you criticize the method, you’d better provide a better method for the interest of everyone. So far US government diplomacy method on world vaccine distribution is unfortunately very selfish and politically centered. You’d better make a video with criticism on US as well.

  3. Zhi Han Lee

    Zhi Han Lee12 kun oldin

    @wyterabitt In my country, inactivated viral vaccines e.g. SinoVac, Sputnik V have also been cited as having the advantage of being useable by people with some allergies, unlike mRNA vaccines e.g. Pfizer BnT, Moderna

  4. Nick Stone

    Nick Stone13 kun oldin

    China can afford the risk for a very simple reason: hard lockdowns (the only truly effective types) are far easier for China's authoritarian government to execute than could be done in most of the more-liberal western world. This, coupled with a common ideal in the Asian world of "for the greater good", means any flare ups, if not ignored by the Chinese government, can be more easily and rapidly quashed without serious political risk domestically than in the rest of the world, which also explains why the western world partly MUST accept higher efficacy rates (the west cant quash as hard or as quickly due to potential political unrest). The trick for China is controlling the message and the "leaks" from its official story, NOT it's capability to fight the virus.

  5. vcqr sfdwc

    vcqr sfdwc15 kun oldin

    ah shiiiit man thought you are on the other side 老哥,我刚发现咱们可能误会了,我也是觉得这个视频作者Wendover就是在瞎几把黑中国的

  6. vcqr sfdwc

    vcqr sfdwc16 kun oldin

    @bo li hope my comment won't get deleted again and making me a silenced whistleblower once more for speaking the truth that doesn't smear China like others do

  7. Andrew Chen

    Andrew ChenSoat oldin

    China is not helping other countries well enough. Therefore, you'd expect western countries to be helping other countries better.

  8. rum distillery

    rum distillery5 soat oldin

    China donated vaccines to those countries, but viewed those countries are baggers. Those baggers kneel down for bagging, in China's state media's view.

  9. Strelnikov_

    Strelnikov_12 soat oldin

    I can smell the demonetization from my recommendations page.

  10. rain nerfer趙明侖

    rain nerfer趙明侖13 soat oldin

    China to Taiwan be like: you have to accept our vaccines, and be grateful as a dog while doing so, and admit that you're part of us. Meanwhile, I'll use every measurements I can to stop you from purchasing other vaccines, I know I can't stop all of them, but sure I can make you independentist suffer like hell during the pandemic.

  11. Sean King

    Sean King13 soat oldin

    Basically, china is on the verge of repeating the ussr's mistake that eventually lead up to its downfall: somewhat ignoring the domestic situation just to maintain their competitive edge on the world stage

  12. Weiqiang Mu

    Weiqiang Mu18 soat oldin

    14:14 It's 74 doses per 100 citizens now

  13. Khermin Azucena

    Khermin Azucena18 soat oldin

    I stopped watching... Wendover you just lost my trust. You are biased and clearly trying to spread hate through lies.

  14. Wate Skilk

    Wate Skilk20 soat oldin

    Two month later China has administered 1billion highest per capita. Just want to point out one of assumptions are incorrect in this video. Please do more fact checks next time. Doing a propaganda video will not help the channel.

  15. Zen Lab

    Zen LabKun oldin

    Yes definitely will take a Chinese one because it has 6000 years old history and the Chinese medicine works especially great and no side effect .but most western countries does not allow Chinese vaccine come in. Which is we call it monopoly.

  16. Tsengen Hu

    Tsengen HuKun oldin

    You presentation is reasonable but quite off the mark by suggesting purchase of vaccines from foreign sources. Please review these foreign vaccines and their availability for purchase.

  17. Tsengen Hu

    Tsengen HuKun oldin

    Hmmm… their vaccines aren’t as effective when comes to infection, but are pretty good in providing protection against hospitalization and death

  18. Lightningdude

    LightningdudeKun oldin

    Imagine believing that the case numbers went to zero on a country whose reaction for months was to cover up and silence any whistleblowers

  19. Ray

    Ray10 soat oldin

    @Ghost In My Shell News in your own mind.

  20. Ghost In My Shell

    Ghost In My Shell11 soat oldin

    The CCP was lying about all figures since the start...the infection level, the death rate, the efficacy of the vaccine, the rate of vaccinations, etc. That is why over 95% of China's people are not vaccinated, nor do they want to be. They understand the propaganda of these experimental shots, unlike the people of the west are lining up for these non-FDA approved "vaccines".

  21. Used to be ryan Poop now normal

    Used to be ryan Poop now normal2 kun oldin

    There’s a virus running rapid: Panik You issue a extreme lockdown: kalm It was so effective nobody have the virus for stage 3: PANIK

  22. ASEAN

    ASEAN2 kun oldin

    How wrong can you get?

  23. Saumya Cow

    Saumya Cow2 kun oldin

    Here we are nearly 3 months later and it is becoming apparent that amongst those nations with the highest vaccination rates, some are doing a lot better and some are doing a lot worse. And the difference appears to be the vaccine or vaccines in use. For example, Israel has now effectively reached herd immunity with daily case rates in the teens - effectively residual levels. Whilst the UK is seeing a resurgence of the Delta strain and whilst the story of this isn't over, one suspects that Astra Zeneca's reduced efficacy against the Delta strain isn't helping. Which brings us to all the countries that have high vaccination rates, in part because of being early adopters of Chinese vaccines (or Sputnik V), but are struggling to suppress the virus. Of course we still need to wait a few months to see if these countries can get a high enough overall vaccination rate to tip into herd immunity, despite a lower efficacy vaccine. But it may well be the case that some countries won't reach herd immunity, will see further mass waves of the virus (Delta and perhaps worse) and this will backfire on them. It may also backfire on China and Russia. Now, this doesn't change the fact that if a less than perfect vaccine is all you've got, its a good place to start. The less virus out there, the less chance it has to mutate. But lets not kid ourselves. The resurgence of new waves of even more potent strains that can still multiply despite vaccination is a very real possibility. We can only hope that China does its own mRNA or protein subunit vaccine. We can only hope that production of the better vaccines can be ramped further and licensed to poorer countries. The mega pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer have not just a moral duty but they owe it to their own reputation to bring prices down and allow near-royalty-free production. And of course, despite the Men in Black hypothesis (some things ordinary humans should never know), it is in fact better if we stop pretending that all vaccines are the same - especially when it comes to the thing that matters most of all which is the ability of a vaccine to reduce re-transmission, induce herd immunity and indeed, just maybe, eradicate the virus entirely. We need to keep our eyes open about this.

  24. Henry Bradshaw

    Henry Bradshaw3 kun oldin

    They caused the pandemic, one would assume they'd be held somewhat responsible for cleaning it up.

  25. Strategic Fooyou Angency

    Strategic Fooyou Angency4 kun oldin

    not to wonder why vax goes out china, because china is covid free for long.

  26. Strategic Fooyou Angency

    Strategic Fooyou Angency4 kun oldin

    west vax made in india. which has most infections in the world

  27. Sherwin G

    Sherwin G5 kun oldin

    You know what 15 dollars can do? It can feed a person for a week in those red countries in the video.

  28. John Marian

    John Marian6 kun oldin

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  29. Jamie Dawson

    Jamie Dawson6 kun oldin

    I just made my second withdraw again today trading with expert Mrs Jane, I can't wait for the next 7 days to cash out again.

  30. Tommy Mason

    Tommy Mason6 kun oldin

    Anyone who introduced you to Mrs Jayne love you.

  31. George Murray

    George Murray6 kun oldin

    Yes I'm a living testimony of Mrs Jane it too before I give it a try........ And it was not regretI .

  32. Kyle Jenkins

    Kyle Jenkins6 kun oldin

    Yes I'm a living testimony of Mrs Jane

  33. Jack Murray

    Jack Murray6 kun oldin

    Her last week trade was boom boom!!!!

  34. Henry Z

    Henry Z7 kun oldin

    Can we get an updated video? I know it’s only been 3 months but so much has changed with a lot of updated info on the inoculation rates and what’s happened so far. Also you are pretty much one of the only YT infotainment channels that isn’t inherently biased in making China a cartoon villain, you offer genuine criticism and discourse.

  35. Min Wu

    Min Wu9 kun oldin

    Two months later, China has administered 900 million doses.

  36. PsychoAztecs

    PsychoAztecs9 kun oldin

    didn't like usa gave vaccines to taiwan and china got pissed?

  37. Umi Sohaida

    Umi Sohaida10 kun oldin

    Meanwhile, on 13 June 2021, there are 831 million doses if vaccine administered in China. I guess your prediction and worries are right, but China has already overcomed this challnege, and they will achieve their target or 40% vaccination by the end of June.

  38. Jamie-Beckett Franco

    Jamie-Beckett Franco11 kun oldin

    this remind me of 😭😭😭😭

  39. Carter G

    Carter G12 kun oldin

    You guys do understand that China put every single person in lockdown, in their home, for a few months when covid breakout, right? You are not supposed to leave your house without a proper reason and you must wear a mask at all times. That is why the virus disappeared in China, not false reporting, but the cooperation of every single Chinese citizen. Many people think that the Chinese are lying because Trump never bothered to put the US in lockdown, and allowed the virus to spread freely. I can safely assure you that if the US and India contained covid well, the pandemic would already be over.

  40. SuperNova SuperNova

    SuperNova SuperNova9 kun oldin

    More importantly, Bigpharma censored Ivermectin in 2020/21. Lockdowns wouldn't have been necessary if they told the world about a drug that existed for decades that destroys COVID in days. That is the real tragedy of all the whole situation.

  41. 神头鬼脸

    神头鬼脸12 kun oldin

    China: Exists* Polymatter and Wendover: Content intensifies*

  42. 9Tensai9

    9Tensai914 kun oldin

    Well, I think I can speak about this as a Mexican. Both my parents got the Sinovac vaccine. The reason is that we ran out of Phizer but that's because that one were given to more vulnerable (or rich) people. As mexicans there's always this sentiment of "better than nothing". Sure, there were some ppl protesting agains the chinese vaccine as it isn't as good but while those refused to vaccine others took the chance to get Sinovac. Like, let's say Sinovac is 50% effective. That's better than 0 right? even if you get phizer who knows how much time that'd take. Now, China. I'd say Mexico doesn't like China too much but we don't like the US that much either. The US is our pretentious an richier brother that want's to control us even tho we are brothers and should stand on the same ground. I don't think there's a way Mexico will "get rid" of that. China is some kind of scalper and always scheming country so we don't really trust them. So yeah. Mexico is kinda stuck between them, we don't like them that much but we have to deal with them whether we like it or not. That being said. That's my perspective and educated guess. I'm just one person in this country so just take this commebt as it is. A comment.


    CONDOROS POR EL MUNDO14 kun oldin


  44. Ben

    Ben14 kun oldin

    The concern at last doesn’t really exist… China has vaccinated over 800mil doses. Not sure what do you mean by back to normal life mean, but China has been back to normal almost a year. At least no mask, no social distancing, no gathering restriction. But of course, the west also have their own vaccination diplomacy, let’s see how the 5 eyes recognise something like vaccination passport.

  45. Sophia Liang

    Sophia Liang15 kun oldin

    2 months later, I think Chinese domestic vaccination programs worked just fine. They have given 777 million shots now, a bit over half of the population.

  46. Pommy Malik

    Pommy Malik16 kun oldin

    China could have been testing their vaccine over years. They could have been intensional leaks leading to SARS etc. They then controlled it and went further. Another test leak that China would be to be able to control and make the medical system overwhelmed in the world. During this test, if anything goes wrong, China simply could play the victim and not the culprit. CCP managed it successfully. China was able to suppress the virus, play a victim, spread the virus through its open travel abroad. By controlling the supply chain, China was able to derail the whole world economy and make a huge business for itself. When the whole world is suffering, they are excelling. It is obvious, they had to have partners in the rest of the world. Fauchi, Bill Gates, Big Farma Companies, Corrupt beurocrats - all worked as partners. China has WTO in its pocket, Veto power in the UN, Security council, CCP was not afraid of any threat. The world stands helpless without any strong leader, able to combine and lead any force against China.

  47. Jack Ng

    Jack Ng16 kun oldin

    The people in China won't know, and so used to, that their government treats them like animals (pandas excluded).

  48. EntityRocknRolla1

    EntityRocknRolla116 kun oldin

    I love how you downplay the vaccine which comes from the only country thus far to scale down the pandemic and hold it at bay! I can’t wait to watch your video on the “other vaccines” which btw are from patented holding of largely some ‘elite’ billionaire and who refuses to allow the poorer countries the permission to generate generic vaccine. Provided of course you guys have covered the other vaccines of course. I’ve got words for you if what you’ve done is the exact opposite of the contents of this video.

  49. Sattra Vuthy

    Sattra Vuthy17 kun oldin

    Covid vaccine is a new term of diplomacy, not only for China. They are just a little step behind.

  50. K Z

    K Z17 kun oldin

    To the editor - take a look at how China's ranked among the top most-vaccinated countries, while still helping others! And also look at US. What a shame that US stockpiles 2 billions of doses with less than 0.33 billions of population!

  51. MStrickkk

    MStrickkk17 kun oldin

    You mention how much faster MRNA vaccines can be developed and made, compared to Chinas regular vaccines. You don't mention how suspicious it is that China beat MRNA vaccines to the market. The cognitive dissonance is strong with you.

  52. Sponge Cake

    Sponge Cake16 kun oldin

    what's so suspicious? inactivated virus vaccines is pretty much the traditional way of making vaccines and MRNA was a completely clinically untested technology. So logically, MRNA vaccines had to clear bigger hurdles in the west to get an approval. The Chinese vaccine was made quickly, but Chinese officials have admitted that their vaccine was not very effective. Shortcuts were probably taken with sinovac and cleared to be used anyways because of propaganda reasons.

  53. Nick

    Nick17 kun oldin

    After the recent stolen Chinese population statistics data, I don't think they did a very good job of covid at all. Seeing how their population decline estimates have been lowered by 30 years. That's allot of bodies. Be careful when making videos about China. All their public data is fake and the real data is controlled by totalitarian state. It can't be trusted

  54. Takahara Tanaka

    Takahara Tanaka17 kun oldin

    Xi Jinping is a genocidal maniac like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, & Lenin before him. Neither the Europeans nor North Americans should ever have done business with the CCP. Nixon was wrong, communists can't be educated into become good capitalists who respect human rights. #8964 #TiananmenSquareMassacre #NeverAgain #NeverAgainIsNow #IstandWithIsrael #JapanStandsWithIsrael

  55. Sweet Poison

    Sweet Poison17 kun oldin

    14:52 "China will attain widespread vaccination toward the end of 2022" -- June 2021: "China has administrated 400 millions in 9 days" action sound louder than words I must say.

  56. JOYEE Z

    JOYEE Z18 kun oldin

    When you talking about "state-owned company" and linking it to political intension directly, why don't you think about if it's a private company, how can it be easily allocated to "uncompetitive customers" to save lives when the whole world is heavily unequally distributed the vaccine???

  57. Jonathan Sai

    Jonathan Sai18 kun oldin

    Its only 4 June 2021, only 2 plus months after you publish your video, China is 704 million person with at least 1 shot of vaccine. Are you embarrassed of your biased judgement of China as usual?

  58. Justin Jackson

    Justin Jackson18 kun oldin

    Nothing China does could repay for the damage they caused.

  59. SuperNova SuperNova

    SuperNova SuperNova9 kun oldin

    How about all the dead people in the Middle East, South America and Asia from the US Empire's bombs, endless coups and psychopathy. They killed a million Iraqis. Destroyed a beautiful desert oasis in Libya. I can do this all day.

  60. Sweet Poison

    Sweet Poison17 kun oldin

    I can say the same for a long list of illnesses, starting with HIV,AIDS, etc. for the western countries. Some of which by the way, weaponized them to wipe out civilizations and started pandemics large and small all over the world. I wonder if those repayment carries interest.

  61. Jerrold Gao

    Jerrold Gao19 kun oldin

    Yet, 600 million domestic vaccine injection just done a week ago

  62. Yifan Dong

    Yifan Dong19 kun oldin

    The most BS wendover episode. While rest of the world people still struggle in the pandemic. As a wuhanese we don't even need the mask now. Also each community in our city will have over 3000 doses vac at their vaccine taken point. Sometimes it will left few from yesterday because people are scared of taking shots. imagine when you are having 13 billions people to take care of and you have to give them free. It's a harder job then what you think.

  63. 甲魚

    甲魚19 kun oldin

    China is so good compared to other countries that people can't believe it, understandably, because your perception is still stuck in the last century

  64. John Townsley

    John Townsley8 kun oldin

    because their government supresses rights for free speech hhheheheeeehehe

  65. Bryan Barnard

    Bryan Barnard19 kun oldin

    Why do you believe china's covid case numbers? They lied and covered up everything else having to do with this pandemic so why are their case counts being referenced as legitimate? Japan, an island nation with no land borders and a population of 126 million people reported over 750k cases, while china with several bordering countries, and a population of nearly 1.4 billion people reports 95k cases. They are lying, they always have been and they always will.

  66. 马致远

    马致远12 kun oldin

    Strict logical thinking!! hhhhhh 这人还激动的发视频怎么用剪刀剥电线呢 你们原谅他吧 他幸亏没拿印度比 ^_^ 感觉和国内微博脑瘫都差不多 看来国外教育水平还得加强 这边带个节奏 那边带个节奏就晕了 我都怀疑这些媒体入了党 疯狂的被打脸 让这些媒体慢慢过滤过滤 几年后就筛选出来顶级脑瘫了

  67. Sweet Poison

    Sweet Poison17 kun oldin

    Taiwan has less than 5k cases OVERALL for 23million population just a month ago. Are they lying as well?

  68. 甲魚

    甲魚19 kun oldin

    Childish and pathetic

  69. ratbu neptune ratbu

    ratbu neptune ratbu19 kun oldin

    china??? anything in china is joke and dEath

  70. Strategic Fooyou Angency

    Strategic Fooyou Angency4 kun oldin

    thats india

  71. matas zyb

    matas zyb19 kun oldin

    Chinese vaccine strategy is to gain worlds trust while countinueing to do what they do already

  72. Prasong Mccray

    Prasong Mccray20 kun oldin

    China made CCP virus now send Chinese vaccine to the world nothing free in the world.

  73. Özberk Akbaş

    Özberk Akbaş20 kun oldin

    So... Let them... Let me tell you a similar story. US bombarded itself because it wants to save the world from terrorism by securing the oil trade :) we let them :) so why not this time :)

  74. Year 3000

    Year 300020 kun oldin

    An updated video is badly needed. China just vaccinated 200 million people (doses) in 10 days. Hey host, are you catching up with 'China Speed'?

  75. sneakwastaken

    sneakwastaken20 kun oldin

    Trump isn't the former president, he won by a lot.

  76. Sweet Poison

    Sweet Poison17 kun oldin

    sure he won a lot in jail. LOCK HIM UP!

  77. sneakwastaken

    sneakwastaken20 kun oldin

    Allies are not at all the same thing as countries who acknowledge facts about another country's existence.

  78. sneakwastaken

    sneakwastaken20 kun oldin

    ALL of China's anything are by state-owned companies. There are no private companies in China.

  79. sneakwastaken

    sneakwastaken20 kun oldin

    China's goal isn't to help other countries.. it's to help themselves. You're a yuge Chyna shill.

  80. sneakwastaken

    sneakwastaken20 kun oldin

    There are no private entities in China...

  81. sneakwastaken

    sneakwastaken20 kun oldin

    Chinese products being inferior isn't an "old narrative". It's the reality which has not stopped.

  82. sneakwastaken

    sneakwastaken20 kun oldin

    China is at fault for the virus... who cares what center they were at? They censored people reporting on it in 2019.

  83. sneakwastaken

    sneakwastaken20 kun oldin

    perceived mismanagement?

  84. Jintaro Kensei

    Jintaro Kensei21 kun oldin

    Millions die anyway. Just let it rip.

  85. nick longstaffe

    nick longstaffe21 kun oldin

    99.98% survival rate

  86. nick longstaffe

    nick longstaffe21 kun oldin

    So China being able to pump out something have as good but twice as fast and cheap is gonna beat us yet again

  87. Tic Toc

    Tic Toc22 kun oldin

    Every country do favor for their allies and that is not news! Nothing wrong with protecting one's interests same goes for Europeans and Americans.

  88. ike eki

    ike eki22 kun oldin

    who lives and dies during the pandemic does not depend on whose country has good relations with China. it depends on each government's ability and willingness to lock down to contain the virus, and on the wealthy nations who are hoarding not just vaccines but the patents to vaccines.

  89. Strategic Fooyou Angency

    Strategic Fooyou Angency4 kun oldin

    good point

  90. fendri limelight as slslksoe

    fendri limelight as slslksoe22 kun oldin

    Hahaha so sour grape. China do? No No No. USA do? Yes Yes Yes. Damn funny, my stomach got so hurt with your jokes. Yes keep please believe that China still not yet control the outbreak and keep believe the people don't have vaccine to inject. Sir, I salute you. So what next video I should suggest to you? USA got caught spy on Germany and French AGAIN for the 2nd time? Israel n Palestine conflict? Can't also, because Israel created by USA. USA block Nord stream deal? How about USA situation since got the first news of covid-19 and the death toll? How about why you got such bad xenophobia and how to cure it? How about Mike Pompeo statement "we lie, we cheat,we steal"? Please keep continue with your slandering sir. I will keep every of your video and I will show you again after 5-10 year.

  91. SF Chong

    SF Chong22 kun oldin

  92. Stupid Biden

    Stupid Biden23 kun oldin

    The virus could’ve been brought to China by 369 American military personnel who went to Wuhan for two weeks in late October for the international military games. The fact that so many of the more than 16000 flu and even more pneumonia deaths in America last year had similar pathological markings of coronavirus deaths with white colored lungs indicates the possible existence of coronavirus victims among the flu and pneumonia deaths. Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that some Americans who had seemingly died from influenza later tested positive for the new coronavirus. In addition, none of the American military athletes won any gold medal in Wuhan military games which caused suspicions that the American athletes were with illness. Because, when did American athletes ever not earn a single gold medal in an international sporting event? America ranked number 35 earning 2 silver and 4 bronze total 6 medals, lagging behind countries like Switzerland, Slovenia, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Kenya, Mongolia, India, Namibia, Tunisia...the list goes on. The suspicion is that while the American military athletes were touring all over Wuhan, some of them who were asymptomatic might have inadvertently spread the virus. The first 13 cases in Wuhan had nothing to do with the wet market and the first recorded case in Wuhan was in November 2019, right after the Americans left.

  93. ludicer

    ludicer23 kun oldin

    Funny how Covid-19 just seemingly disappeared in China once it spread around the world 🤔

  94. Sweet Poison

    Sweet Poison17 kun oldin

    funny how the MOST effective vaccines are ALL made in USA by US companies and ALL bolstering over 95% efficiency and developed in RECORD speed. would it be more appropriate to call it antidote rather than "vaccine" ?

  95. C Y

    C Y23 kun oldin

    Step 1: Create pandemic Step 2: Create cure Step 3: Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Faith

  96. Joshua Militar

    Joshua Militar24 kun oldin

    The low efficacy of their vaccines, while being more available for less developed nations, only cemented the made in China quality stereotype while those made in the west are of higher quality. I do agree that Sinovac being the first vaccine used by our country's frontline healthcare workers did give it a massive reputation boost, now it's one of the top preferred vaccines after Pfizer and Astrazeneca.

  97. Sweet Poison

    Sweet Poison17 kun oldin

    People in the west are mostly idiots who would blindly follow so called "brand name". "Made in USA is good, Made in German is great, Made in Japan is even better". Those people often ignore the fact that China made almost ALL the things in their lives now. cheap AND expensive.

  98. pwowp8848

    pwowp884824 kun oldin

    I actually think chinese might have the best vac cause they have lab data from the wuhan lab where covid originated

  99. Arjuna Udupi

    Arjuna Udupi24 kun oldin

    Why don't you just say that this video is a part of propaganda and finish it.. Cheena has done more damage to the world than any good. -RIP-

  100. samiitb

    samiitb24 kun oldin

    Chinese vaccines are not that effective real world data from Chile and Seychelles are there to see. Inspite of giving more than 60% population Chinese vaccines jab there are still spikes in carona cases there. CCP China doesn't care for people from other countries or for that matter their own people. They are just power hungry Communist who want to increase their influence globally. People should boycott Chinese vaccines

  101. Wen Den

    Wen Den25 kun oldin

    Just a quick update, China had administered about 511 million doses. Most of them were vaccined last month.

  102. hello world 2.0

    hello world 2.022 kun oldin

    @Jimmy Tsai but most countries rejected Chinese vaccine ( 40% effectiveness and very high cost and low supply)

  103. Jimmy Tsai

    Jimmy Tsai23 kun oldin

    Now it’s 600 million (just 2 days later). So the author is wrong. Chinese government does not have a supply problem

  104. Naoki Okusa

    Naoki Okusa26 kun oldin

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  106. Michael Wang

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    15:00 Thanks for painting the color of Taiwan differently :) FYI Beijing was trying to get another country allegiance for their vaccine, something that they are NOT even trying to hide*. *Posted in May this year by scmp which is controlled by Beijing. Title: Will Taiwan’s allies switch allegiance to Beijing to obtain vaccines? May 2021 It is however troubling to see the west's superpower US withdrawing its warship from SCE while Taiwan just experienced an outbreak in May (after successfully keeping out the covid for over 10 months). Therefore maybe a bit uneasy to mobilize the military to lean more aids to the raising covid situation. I am a bit concern with the US's leadership in reading the bigger picture.

  107. Beiyuan Liu

    Beiyuan Liu27 kun oldin

    i'm here again, because more than 566.72 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines had been administered across China, in case you don't know the population of china is 1.4 billion. let's wait and see what will happen in three months

  108. Fannie_ Zhao

    Fannie_ Zhao27 kun oldin

    I’m Chinese and my family members in China just got vaccinated last week. They were able to get the vaccine a long time ago but simply because new outbreaks are very rare so they prefer not to get it unit abt two weeks ago when there were new local cases appearing in China.

  109. Jim Sia

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  112. nmsl靴靴

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    The Art Kid I hope you can see things from different perspectives.

  113. The Art Kid

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  117. Lil Dwayne

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    Sorry to let u down but after 1 month u uploaded this video,around 5 billion doses of vaccine had been give to Chinese population.And I can tell u its the willing of ppl who wants to be vaccinated or not that bottlenecked the progress of vaccination, not the vaccine productivity itself.One of my colleagues told me that some of the villages give ppl free eggs and offer them free rides to encourage the old folks to take vaccine. I just the second dose just recently and it was fine.

  118. Diable Jambe

    Diable Jambe29 kun oldin

    im from taiwan and live in china. got my first vaccine shot the end of last month and will get my second one soon (for free, not sure how it works in other countries). no, obviously i dont agree with these practices, especially given where im from and how close this thing affects me, but it would be foolish to assume that other countries with a working vaccine rnt doing the same. again, dont like it and dont agree with it, but this is just how the world works. havent actually checked but doubt the states have offered iran any vaccines, and if they have then u can bet they wanted sth big in return. like i said, its just how this world works

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